XS REAL – La Celeste Pre Launch Offer Rs 4050- Near DLF IT Park

I know about this project for quite some time but it took a lot of time to get atleast some details from them. Check out XS Real’s new project. The Launch date is around Feb 18 and the price is Rs 4050 per sqft. Not exactly sure of the location but it is definately near chennai trade center.

Dear Folks,
Thank you very much for having contacted us and shown interest in our forthcoming residential developments.

We are quite excited to announce the unveiling of a grand residential project from the house of XS Real.We cordially invite you to our new residential project, La Celeste, off Mount Poonamallee road, near DLF IT Park.

The inspiration for La Celeste is the French architectural style. La Celeste is a collection of 426 magnificent and expansive French Bungalow apartments, housed into 7 precincts, surrounded by classical Gallic landscapes and spread over 10 acres.

La Celeste Bungalow Apartments range in size between 1450 sq.ft. to 1800 sq.ft. and are all of three bedrooms.

All details of La Celeste shall be revealed to you on February 18, 2008 which is the day we have scheduled the special soft launch. We shall start accepting bookings from February 18, 2008 onwards with an initial booking advance of Rs. 5,20,000/-.

We understand that the market price for apartments in and around the location where La Celeste is to come up, is Rs. 4200/- per. Sq.ft for ordinary projects.

As a token of goodwill we wish to offer you La Celeste apartments, on a first come first served basis at Rs. 4050/- per sq.ft. Please be aware that this price is likely to move up shortly after the soft launch gets underway.

XS Real Bungalow apartments are always special. The French Bungalow apartments slated to come up in La Celeste are more than special!

Please be ready with your booking advance cheque by February 18, 2008.

After all, great opportunities do occur rarely, don’t they?

With warm regards
S. Suresh – Vice President – Marketing

For Further Contacts:
S. Krishnaraj – DGM : 9841098083
M. Lakshmi Narayanan – Executive : 9841098026
S. Sudharshan – Executive : 9841098074


  1. Arun

    Overpriced for the current market and the location near kathipara junction is bad.The plot value in mugalivakkam is low .

  2. bhaskararao V

    This company has put up a roadshow about this la celeste in our organization. The price now is Rs3850/- to Rs3950/-.
    But still this is only for high end guys who can afford Rs75L minimum (for minimum sized apartment).These guys told minimum is Rs66L and one should not forget to add 15% of the money extra for doing up interiors,new furniture and etc.
    The apartment size varies from 1460 sqft and 1850sqft.
    Their brochures are good containing all french pictures and only one photo contains how your entrance of the flat looks like and overall view of the complex.

  3. charan

    The apartments are very far from DLF IT park. Conveyence will not be possible unless you own a vehicle of your own.
    The rate is so high.

  4. Shyam Sundar

    Hello Mr Suresh,

    We have booked 2 apartments in P4 ” La Celeste ” (B1A & B2A). We have received a copy of the sale agreement and some of the clauses in the agreement took me by surprise.

    1) The agreement says the penalty clause would be invoked if the project is not completed within 24 months from the ” Appointed date”. The term “appointed date” is not clear. Your sales team mentioned that the project would be completed within 18 months. We were under the assumption that the penalty clause would come into force from the 19th month, to our dismay the agreement says 24 months. So it looks like you are going to enjoy 6 months of our money interest free.

    2) The foyer / balcony in the apartment has a half wall which we feel is unsafe , especially with a 2 year old child at home. During my visit and at the time of payment of advance I had raised the concern on safety and it was confirmed to me by your sales team that we could close these using a grill at “extra cost” by your team . Now you team says this can be done only after possession and with the associations approval. I would not want to risk my son’s life for the sake of elevation and beauty.
    Same is the case with POT, where we would like to grow creepers which would require supporters.

    3) The agreement also says that we need to pay 6 months maintenance charge in advance apart from the corpus fund. This was again not mentioned by your team nor was it covered in your lovely booklet.

    Moreover you team feels that all these clauses are “common” for all builders, which we as “common man” should know.

    I am not sure if these things were not mentioned to us at the time of booking as a ” marketing strategy” or whether it a pure and simple “communication gap”. I will leave it for you to decide.

  5. anoo manoj

    I am looking to get more feedback on la celeste.Should i take the plunge or not.Have they kept their promises so far??????????????

  6. Lakshmi

    Hi Anoo,

    I may not be able to comment specifically on La Celeste. My husband and I own an XS Real property in Chennai, my overall feeling is as a builder , this group focuses a lot on creating apartments with good looks and prestige value. However this will translate into some wasteful expenditure by the builder at “your cost”. You will likely pay for features and amenities that have very limited utility value in the long term. Construction quality is good, service and support by the team onsite is usually good, however I wouldn’t feel that way about the team at their corporate office. NOTE that I am sharing my feedback based on my experiences in 2003-04.

  7. Anoo

    Hi Lakshmi,
    Thank u for your feedback.
    I have booked a flat in le celeste.Where r u staying?I liked the location.I am closer to the city than OMR.R ur buildings maintained well.The facilities, r they kept well?Am glad to know that at least the quality of construction is good.
    Have not felt the way u did at the corporate office till now but i will be watching out.

  8. Balaji


    Those who have booked / thinking of booking apartment in La Celeste (XS Real), please join the below Orkut group. This group is to bring together everyone & share our opinions & experiences.


  9. J. Rajesh

    Hello Anoo,
    I am rajesh, i have booked an apartment in P1. do you any P1 owners in La Celeste?

  10. Mrs.Kumaresan

    Booked an apt in P2.

  11. VIVEK

    First block (P-I) which was promised to be delivered by Dec 09 end is still undergoing finishing work and other amenities. I don’t think it would be ready in all respect before May – June 10.

    That raises serious doubt on timely completion of other blocks.

  12. Amar

    We have booked an apartment with P2 in La Celeste. We have recently received a letter that service tax of 4.12% is applicable for all payments we do to xsreal and for the last payment, the invoice was raised with the service tax included.
    Also yesterday we have got another letter that we have to pay service tax on all previous payment amounts!
    Has anyone else received such letters? And is this mandatory? It seems that they are going on adding some charges or the other. We just finished paying an Infrastructure Fees and now the service tax!

  13. Bijilal

    We have also booked one in P3 block and we were also notified of the service tax. But pricing wise I think Chennai prices are much higher than B-lore prices. Not sure why the prices are so high in Chennai compared to B-lore. Normally B-lore price are higher, any hope for re-aligning the prices in Chennai?

  14. Subash

    Has anyone moved to P1?

    according to me, work on P1 and P2 is going very slow. is my observation correct.

    Please share your comments.


  15. Krithika

    Is the service tax really applicable now? My sister-in-law has purchased an apartment in OMR (Regalia) and they did not have to pay the service tax. Should we check with the auditors on this? BTW I have purchased an apartment in pricent1

  16. Mithra


    I am thinking of booking an apartment at La Celeste. Can someone familiar with the Porur area advise on the water logging on the periphery of this site given its proximity to the Porur lake and Adyar River?

  17. Owner@Laceleste

    XSREAL offered PPIS(Prompt payment incentive scheme) at the time of sale, but they did not keep the promise. They just corned the owner giving some explanation. They can easily cheat you and don’t just trust their words. They try to differentiate them from other builders. But they are just another animal of builders every others. Just a word of caution if you were thinking of buying. Oh, forgot to mention that they are very rigid with everything.

  18. Sidhaarth

    Recently visited the La Celeste in Muglivakkam and was shocked to see the entrance. There is no road and you have to cross through garbage on both side. Apartments look good but seems overpriced for the location. crossing through muglivakkam itself is pain and the water logging seems to be high. Also interacted with a person who is staying in individual house and he was telling during the rainy season this place becomes like a small river and could easily find snakes. Not sure if any roads will be constructed but currently it looks faded. Lot of garbage can be seen around the society walls. My personal opinion is not worth spending money here and that too when it is so expensive.

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