Did you visit the website to thank the CM of TamilNadu. There is new website to thank the CM. Its a novel idea, the only drawback about the site is the Email Id being exposed as a link. Spammers run sophisticated programs which scans every website for the word @ and anything which matches @ is considered an Email id to be included in the SPAM mailing list.

So beware, while you are thanking the CM, somebody from Nigeria is sending you mail offering a big bounty :)


  1. We had asked for the email id only as a way of authenticating – we have removed the email link display for all posts after 6pm today… we will soon remove the old links! Webmaster – ThankYouChiefMinister

  2. Hi..

    Good to know that your blog post had immediate impact…Couldn’t believe govt agencies act so fast… Atleast webmasters are keeping pace…

    So now I cant win a nigerian lottery? So sad…

  3. We are not a Govt. dept… this is a personal initiative…. we hope everyone participates in this…. after all like Ramya Kannan said in the article – It is not only the citizen’s right to complain, it is also his duty to thank.

  4. Sorry. I apologize for my mistake. All the best for your initiative.

  5. Thanks Shrinidhi. Did U sign up on the website?

  6. Not yet, will check out…Wont it be a good idea to expand this idea to other ministers/government agencies and even other states?

    So that anyone wishing to thank any particular politician can do so?

  7. s.krishnan

    Hats off to our Chiefminister, great job.
    My only concern is, will it be maintained, can this sustain the pressure from the so called people involved in this big business.
    History says that it wont.
    Let us wait and see.

  8. i welcome this mona rail project as in international stranded

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