Recently i was pained to know that one of my school mates, K.C.Praveen (31 years) was suffering from cancer.While i am still trying to know what is his exact problem, today i came across this mail which was requesting help from South Asians. Please take time to VISIT THIS SITE to know more about how you can help this gentleman by name Vinay.

My friend Praveen is an airforce guy and i always know him to be cheerful,caring person. He is always fit and i am still wondering how can a person like him can ever get that dreaded disease. He is currently undergoing treatment (chemotherapy) at a hospital in Delhi.


Please take time to learn about Bone marrow transplantation and how you can help people in needy. The below article is not mine but copied from a another website for the quick reading.

What is bone marrow transplantation?

Bone marrow transplantation involves the replacement of the dead cells in the bone marrow with live bone marrow cells, either from the same or from another individual.

What are the reasons for a bone marrow transplantation?

The many different types of cells in the blood are all produced in the bone marrow, a spongy substance in the centre of most bones. ‘Stem cells’ develop in the bone marrow and mature to produce the different cells of the blood. If a person’s bone marrow is destroyed (as a result of cancer, for example) and the cells within it die, no new red or white blood cells can be produced. This causes the person to develop anaemia (lack of red cells) and the person is more vulnerable to infection because of lack of white blood cells. This is invariably fatal.

Bone marrow transplantation was originally used exclusively as a treatment in advanced stages of leukaemia and lymphoma (both cancers of white blood cells). Nowadays, it is used to treat other cancers too.

Leukaemias and lymphomas originate in the bone marrow itself. They are generally treated with chemotherapy (drugs that destroy the cancerous cells) but this also temporarily suppresses the bone marrow cells, without destroying them completely. There are two basic reasons for carrying out bone marrow transplantation for leukaemia and lymphoma. First, if the cancer returns after the initial treatment (known as a ‘relapse’), it is often more difficult to treat with conventional chemotherapy. Therefore, high-dose chemotherapy is given which kills the cancerous cells more effectively, but also destroys the bone marrow cells. In this instance, the dead bone marrow cells must be replaced and bone marrow transplantation is performed.

A second, much more recent approach to the treatment of some leukaemias and lymphomas is to give a patient conventional chemotherapy to reduce the number of cancerous cells, allow a brief recovery of the bone marrow, and then use high-dose chemotherapy to eradicate any cancer cells that remain. This also needs to be followed by bone marrow transplantation.

Bone marrow transplantation is now also being used in the treatment of other cancers, such as breast cancer. This type of treatment is very new. It involves removing and storing some of the patient’s own bone marrow, giving very high-dose chemotherapy to destroy the breast cancer cells and then transplanting the bone marrow cells back.

Bone marrow transplantation is also used to treat some rare forms of anaemia and in ‘gene replacement therapy’ for very rare genetic diseases.

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  1. Satheesh

    Yes, indeed. In the bay area, there was a massive drive to get people sign up for the same. My wife and I did sign up. But, when I was asking other folks why they woulnd’t sign up, they didnt have current info as its mere painless job when and if yours is match. I convinced couple of my friends to sign up, but you might want to make it a point its really painless if there is a match, no hospital stay necessary and just like blood donation. Thanks for bringing this up. Keep the good work.

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