Working on a unlimited voip calls to India solution

strong>I was busy the whole of yesterday setting up an ATA which enables us to make unlimited calls to any where in the world for free. This solution should work any where in the world where VOIP is allowed. I know there are some gulf countires where VOIP is banned.

I tried this sucessfully here and i am shortly going to try it in India. Once this works, i can able to make unlimited calls to India without paying anything. This is comparable with Vonage or Sun Rocket minus the monthly fee. Yeah no fee to any one and just one time equipment buy which would cost around $60. I would shortly post an article on how this works and the simple steps you need to do to make this work.

Once successful, I can save a huge on my India calling expenses. Stay Tuned. I thank Satish one of our readers who threw more light on some of the grey areas which i could not grasp earlier.

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