Wish this practice is Banned

FLOUTING COURT ORDERS: Despite the recent ruling of the Madras high court banning manual cleaning of manholes, this sanitory worker was seen taking a dip in a sewerage pit on Whites Road, Royapettah. He did not have any safety gear as prescribed by the government for labourers inspecting the underground drainage system

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  1. Ram

    I would rather prefer to the drainage spill around than sending another human out there to clean it. The Government can come up with many reasons for not implementing. But nothing justifies sending a human.

  2. Kama

    This is really shocking for me. What will happen to his health ??. When other countries like germany, france, swiss is having a drainage system which is never seen outside, why cant chennai have such a drainage system ??

    Chennai’s water problem continues in many forms… whether it is a drainage water or drinking water !!

  3. Leading Industries like Kirloskar Pneumatic Co Ltd, Pune developed reliable & safe air compressor operated manhole cleaning system which will suck all wastes blocking the pipe passage within few minutes. Corporation authorities should start procuring these equipments immdtly and put them on use to save human lives.

  4. True, use of machine operated system would fasten the job and also release this person, who can be used for much better things.

    I am sure we need lot of people to clean up chennai.

  5. Jim

    Yeah! its really disgusting to see such happenings @ chennai. though the prices r skyrocking..basic amenities have never been given priority in our country..so sad..

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