why cant we take politics more seriously

In India we have more corrupt politicians just because its the choice of us…but the only difference is people cherish Rajini and insult politicians…which in-fact we are the root cause for both…we take movies seriously and not politics, We are more concerned when his movie releases then our politicians get elected, why cant we take politics more seriously than movies.

At least it will change the life of our offspring’s…How many people have stood in long lines to buy movie tickets and on contrary never bothered to go to the polling booth to choose the right leader for us which is more often empty and that too at free of cost. Why we take every election as one more election where as every movie (except Sivaji :)) with the same plot,same dance and stunts as something amazing :(

We are trying the enjoy our life in a dark room watching some one as superstar in 3 hours which can never be practical… and live the rest of our life in a pathetic state in a bright light where we are the real super stars (in other words real culprit)… thats the uniqueness of us…..select the least corrupt of the worst…and as the time goes we will have to select the best out of good…then our offspring’s will.


  1. Good thought, I also do think that we as indians give a lot of value to the screen actors and nothing in regards to the politicians who run the country. Even as I said the word “politician”, a bad feeling came to my mouth, it is the way that we have made them. We can change and bring in new and good leaders who will have new and exciting ideas to develop our lives…..not just the same old people to govern us and tell us to just live.

  2. thanks Irfan, miles to go before things change.

  3. sanjan

    We Indians give lots of importance to emotional values and sentiments. even during election time,we can find people win through “sympathy wave”. People give more importance to the screen heroes thinking that he is the one to share their problems. the success of the film heroes are nothing but success of a single person. but, when a politician wins in an election, it means to the success of each and every person who have voted him. but actually they do’nt realize that. people think that their duty gets over only with voting. each and every citizen should realize that he is responsible for the welfare of the country. we should be able to differentiate between reel politics and real politics.

  4. Arindom C

    When the Indian Middle Classes start voting en-mass things will start to improve. The problem is that the educated middle class donot vote…..hence politics have become the refuge of scoundrels.

    Secondly, Indians have to make that transition to a true democracy – when we make a distinction between a public servant and a ruler. At present, we treat our leaders as our rulers which is wrong. They are our elected representatives, tasked with the work of serving the society. This is the key concept in Western Democracies which we have still not imbibed.

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