We got the passports

If one really thought my letter to the RPO would have no effect on government departments. Then we are wrong. I went with a “TRIAL COST NOTHING “ attitude and it did work for me. Yesterday my in-laws received their passport.
Meaning it should have been posted 2-3 days back. So i guess my letter to PRO has done the trick. While we are happy that at least one part of our problems got solved, still a long way to go. While thanking the RPO for their prompt action, i did mention again to streamline the process.

While i had apprehensions before writing this letter since i feared the officials might delay the passport delivery sighting lame excuses, luckily that did not happen. Pass-on this information to folks who are having passport problems or delays.

Would be nice if similar things happen for other government departments.

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  1. Amit

    Hi there!
    Thats a nice piece of advice.thanks a lot buddy.I ll try somthin of dat sort.
    Well my case is different from yours though.
    M currently in the US and about to get married soon.
    My Fiance and my sister, both had applied for the passport long back in April.
    Both da passpports r taking ages to come by.We have followed up at the police stations …still..answer is the same “Application is under process”….
    May be I ll try one of the methods you adopted to get that soon.


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