VSNL’s Trueroots.us – Calls to India

After Reliance,Airtel its time for VSNL to hit US market with True roots. More competitions is always good for consumers and i hope the entry of True roots will trigger a price war and eventually benefit us. True roots is priced right at 7 cents a minute.


Not much major difference in price factor. VSNL is more USA focused while Reliance has more countries covered when it comes to origination of calls. Reliance services can be used from NZ, Australia. Trueroots however offers toll-free numbers in UK and Canada.

This blog has covered a number of cheap call providers to India but one thing which we can be sure of with VSNL is the call quality. I am having some bad experiences with LINQ and one only hope that VSNL being the leader in Indian telecom does not disappoint its customers in USA.

They have their own website http://trueroots.us, using which we can manage our accounts online.I haven’t tried them yet and will try them shortly. Request folks who have tried trueroots to leave their valuable feedback.

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  1. Manish Shah

    I tried trueroots calling service from TATA VSNL and the quality is excellent. Website is also quite cool and the rate is 7.2 cents to India which is proably the cheapest. Go for it!

  2. Mukhesh

    The service is really beautiful.
    But making a recharge is simply HHHHOOORRRIIIBBBLLLeEEE….

    Honestly…Trust me…you cant recharge when you want…instead…the website throws an error and we have to call customer care and they ssy that they will be working on the issue or say that they have forwarded the issue to the tech support guys…This is real pain in the butt…Trust me….Please try to avoid this crazy service…..Let them feel the pain of loosing business because of a poor payment processing capabilities….This not just for me…its happening to all my friends ….

  3. Nitin

    I agree recharging is a problem.I’ve been trying to recharge from past 3 weeks but it always gives an error and when I contacted CSR they said they are investigating but nothing so far.Poor service.

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