Visit to Isha homes-Signature villas

First of all, It was a hurried visit. Did not go with camera. So will post some photos later. Asked my friend to get some snaps. Will update this post.


First Impression: Excellent

Construction Quality: Good

Price: On the Higher side.

Amenities: Good

Space: Space betweens villas is good. No compound walls between villas. Covered by green. Villas started from 1650+ to 2000+.

Availability: Only 3. (1.2 C, 1.3 C, 1.4 C. Not door numbers. C stands for Crores)

Discount: 10% i heard.

Location: 6 KM to velachery, 4 OMR -sholingnallur. Airport i guess is around 12-14KM

Competitors: Chetinad Housing, Baghyam Villas in OMR , Boleni Hillside rows hours (to name a few).

Personally i would like to buy but for the money. I will checkout Chettinad Perumbakkam shortly and post.

BTW: Do you know the THE VILLA Project of Casa Grande in PONMAR for 23-25Lakhs. Will post when time permits and when i get some info.

Sorry for being in active. Too tied up with work :(.


  1. raj

    Uday, Thanks for the update on Isha. Friend of mine suggested VGN Minerva, Mugappair. Any one booked an apt here? Your insight would be helpful.

  2. Dheepa


    I have also heard about the project recently, I was told only one is available as of now,rest all are sold out, The project is looking good and i negotiated for 1.2 c but they are not coming down from 1.3c,mean while i visited other projects nearby, bollineni,chettinad and also bagyam’s shiva’s as my friend told me to visit but Isha’s signature villas location is good when compared to thier locations, Iam ready to purchase, but am unable to afford that much.

  3. Arun

    there is a house for 95L (2800sq ft land +1400 sq ft house). I cant afford it !! but it tooks too good…

  4. Stephen

    I don’t know how people are buying this Crore rupees homes , because it is just in front of Lake and the Home height they keep is very small which may have only 2-3 stairs. very sure in 5-6 years this projects homes floor level will same as the road level. Crores of rupees for 5-6 years living. But the builder keep more height for some of their known guys. BEWARE buyers, even if already purchased raise this question to the builder because Home should be for years and no one is getting crore rupees free. Some of my colleagues purchased with them and they had tough time and NRI BEWARE as you cannot watch the minute things from there. STRICT NO IF U R NRI with ISHA

  5. Sebastian

    Many areas in Chennai city are prone to flooding during rainy season. This is a known fact. But many builders ignore this fact and try to reduce their cost by keeping the floor level to the minimum height. In 5 to 6 years time the building will automatically “sink” below the road level as the road building contractors keep on raising the level of the road as the roads are re-laid from time to time. If this happens your entire investment on the apartments in the ground floor or independent villas will go down the drain in no time. I have witnessed this happen in many areas in the city. So as investing public BEWARE of this trap.

  6. Shibu

    Hey Guys
    This is awesome . Any guys looking for flats in Moggapair area..lets club up ..!


  7. Shibu


    Wow, thats a scary but valuable / pricelss information….but whats the solution?


  8. Gowrisankar

    I am thinking of buying a villa home at Pudupakkam, near Siruseri IT park through Isha homes. and they say Rs.5400 per sq. ft includes land and building. Any thoughts? ofcourse, I am not in chennai (NRI)

  9. manavya

    i have booked a villa at groovy woodz omr. wish to find friends who have booked there in order to get feedbacks .please contact and share the progress

  10. Prasad

    @ manavya, Nice to meet u. I have also booked. What is your plot no? Where you are from?

  11. Hari

    whats the current price going on at Isha signature villa

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