Vellicham- Can you provide to some one?

I just got this mail about VELLICHAM from one of our blog readers and thought of posting this here. It is a noble cause and i sincerely hope people would come forward and help the needy students. Please make sure you download the word document students.doc and contact sherin asha.

Vellicham (It means bright Light in Tamil), is run by Sherin Asha in a very small way and she just act’s a co-ordinate between the student beneficiary and the sponsors, she full time social worker and communications teacher based out of Chennai, who guides them to business houses and philanthropists to fund their education.

The objective of this organization is following

To help *very poor* and *rural first generation students* to study ITI, Diploma and College as they are unable to pay their fees and banks are not able to fulfill their entire demands. There are currently around 100 students who are in need of help.

Most of these student’s will not be able to make it college or Diploma without any external help as their families would not be able to afford the cost.

In addition to my participation in helping the students, I would like to bring attention to Vellicham and the students it is trying to help to a much wider audience of friends and family and co-ordinate
the efforts in helping the students through a much wider group.

sherin asha’s Contact details or 9965470027

Please down load students.doc for further details


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  1. Cyrix

    I am wary of such a organizations. They appear innocuous in their front but essentially Christian in their back-office with their hidden agenda of converting poor Hindus, when they spend the money. This is out of my own experience that I had with an organization called ‘world vision’. Ofcourse you can’t suspect every one. But what to do, once bitten…twice shy. So if you really want to help, then better do it directly to the student involved…not through the middle men.

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