Unlimited calls to any where in India(World) FOR FREE

As i said in my previous article, I just successfully configured an ATA device which helps us to call anyone across the world including India for free. Even though i had said its free its not absolutly free but requires an one time investment for ATA which can be bought for as low as $40.

Taking advantage of VOIP:

a) This setup takes full advantage of VOIP and the free voip projects currently available.
b) One time investment of buying a Analog Telephone Adapter (ATA).No monthly charges. You dont have to pay a dime more.
c) Vonage, Sun Rocket type service but no monthly commitments.

What you require and Pros:
a) One time investment and no monthly recurring cost.
b) You require Internet at home. With BSNL providing internet for as low as Rs.250 per month, this is not a big deal
c) No need for a computer to talk.
d) Easy of usage. It is same as using your PSTN line to talk to India.

a) You need one ATA device per home to which you want to make unlimited calls, Please dont expect a Reliance, Airtel type feature with this.
b) Voice clarity depends on Internet quality. But ADSL or broadband with 256Kbps should suffice.

I am summarizing a step by step guide for making this work

1) Buy Analog Telephone Adapter

a) First things first. Without an ATA you can’t do anything. I bought a Grandstream ATA 496 from VoipSupply. The reason for this particular Device is it is the cheapest ATA with inbuild Router.
You can also consider Linksys products

I choose VOIPSUPPLY because my friend bought it there and i just thought it nice to buy from an secured site. I got the ATA delivered within 4 days.

The Grand Stream HT -496 has 2 FXS port to connect to a Phone and Fax.

It has 2 FXS port – Our traditional phone jack. One for phone and one for Fax. Connect your normal phone line to one of the FXS port. This is phone which would ring when some one calls you.

It has 2 RJ11 port – Ethernet port.

1st RJ 11-WAN Port – You need to connec the WAN PORT TO YOUR BSNL MODEM.
2nd RJ11 LAN Port – Connect this port to your WIRELESS ROUTER. If you dont have router then you can directly connect to your PC’s to access internet connection.

2) Register with a VOIP Service Provice

I registered with www.SIPHONE.COM, www.GIZMOPROJECT.COM (BOTH ARE SAME) VOIP SERVICES. Its free. You need to download the software from Gizmo, Register thro their application.

Once registered you would get a 10 digit number some thing like, 1747 -XXX- XXXX
Remember the password you gave while registration.

3) Connect the ATA to Internet

Follow the steps mentioned in Point 1 to connect the ATA to Internet. Ofcourse dont forgot to power you ATA with the 12V adapter.

4) Configure you ATA with Gizmo Project login details

SIP Phone Number: 1747 -XXX- XXXX
SIP Proxy: proxy01.sipphone.com
SIP Password: what you gave during Gizmo registration.

The ATA is very simple to configure and once this is done, Reboot the ATA.

You are All Set. You are ready to receive call. But how would some one call you on your SIP Phone Number?

Basically you can get wrapper for you SIP Phone Number. I mean a US phone number which when called would map the call to your SIP phone number.


IPKALL is a simple service project who helps you to recieve free calls over the Internet from any phone.

Its just a 2 minute registration with IPKALL.

Area Code: Choose the area code which you like. I chose 360
SIP Phone Number: 1747 -XXX- XXXX
SIP Proxy: proxy01.sipphone.com
Email Addres: your email address where IPKALL would send the number
Password: Some 4 digit number

Thats it, once done, you should get an Email from IPKALL with your new phone number some thing like

If everything goes fine, if you call 360-XXX-XXXX from your landline or mobile, the call should ring in the phone connected to your ATA.

The best part is you can test this without an ATA. Login into Gizmo software from your computer and try calling 360-XXX-XXXX and it should ring in your computer. I observed that there is some ECHO when i talk in computer but when connected thro ATA, the call quality was FANTASTIC.

More advantages:

a) You get an phone-in for free.
b) You can receive unlimited phone calls as the calls are thro Internet.
c) I saw features like caller ID for which companies like ATT is charging separately.
d) Unlimited features, its left to you to do all the R & D and enable as many features as possible. Voice Mail, Callback etc etc all the features which phone companies charge for.
e) Buy extra devices and you can get more people into your network. If you devices are connected in 2 diff states, they can call each other for free unlimited.
f) More free voip providers, options include freeworlddialup.com , google’s grandcentral.com and more.

Just send this device to India and ask them to connect to Internet and when you call the local number 360-XXX-XXXX , it should ring in INDIA.

Let me know should you need any other information. If you like this article, Please comment.


  1. Selva

    Hi Uday,

    Good job Uday…its working for me. I tested in my system. Im planning to buy a ATA device….thanks a lot…


  2. surajit

    I am living in Germany. Can you please tel me whether it possible for me to call india (following your article) from here? my brother has an internet connection from TATA, data card (wireless connection), is ti possible to configure this ata device somehow in that connection? please let me know in detail.

  3. it would be of great help if you can provide followup about your experience so far and cost details as well.

    i find http://www.nonoh.net to be easy & cheap service to call (phone to phone calling but initiated via internet)

  4. Yuva,
    My experience has been fantastic. During my recent visit to Chennai, i called folks in US for as low as 1.8 cents per min. Also i was able to receive calls for free. Every friend of mine was amazed by the call quality. It is not about absolute clear.

    As said cost includes one time purchase of ATA and BSNL’s internet cost per month which works out to be Rs 250 PM. Since voice is usally less byte consuming most of the time your bill should not increase much.

  5. shak

    Can we set up this inside US for free phone calls.

  6. Shak,

    Yes you can, Once you set you will have a free number with 100% free incoming calls. Out going if charged at 1.8 cents/ min. You can charge for 10 dollors and get around 500 min which is valid for 6 months. There are many voip providers who give incoming and outgoing free.

    If you have internet you can get a phone for almost dirty cheap any where.

    My dad daily calls me from India and return the call so its free calls for them. call quality is almost like reliance or any other provider.

  7. shak

    Thanks Uday,
    Since I already have Internet all need is just a ATA to setup for free calls. Also I see that the area code which are available free on IPKALL is washington state. Is there any other way to set other state numbers?

  8. Shak,

    visit IPKALL.com , the area codes available are 253, 206, 360, 425

  9. shak

    Yes, only 4 area codes available. I am looking for one in OK with 405. Any way to get one with 405

  10. dk

    I live in qatar and need to call very frequently to INdia as all my friends and relatives are there. can anybody guide me whether it can work free from qatar-india or vice versa.

  11. Vijayan

    Looks interesting uday! U’ve done a lot of research to find these options I guess. Did you look in to support provided by Skype? I’ve always been an ardent fan of Skype. They have support for making international calls through the Gadgets they offer through their website, not sure if they all need switched-on-computer to work. I would comment back after looking into those options.

  12. Giridhar

    I wanted to try and see how it works. So, I registered with siphone and with IPKall. However, when i dial the number it gave me, it just gives me a “Your call cannot be connected as dialled”. I am very much logged in to the Gizmo software but the call doesnt go through. Any help / suggestions?

  13. You need to dial the number which IPKALL gave and if the have gizmo logged in thro your computer, then it will ring in your computer.

  14. Giridhar

    Thanks. I figured out the problem. I had put hyphens (-) in between my SIP-Phone number while registering in IPKALL. As soon as I removed them, I got it working

  15. Baskaran

    Hi everyone…. I live in Dubai. please give some suggestions to call India cheaply or free of cost.

  16. Ayush

    Hi there! This was a great post. I had a question about a possible extension to your setup which could allow me to use the setup as a gateway to make calls to ANY PHONE in India with regular domestic STD rates…

    Lets say that in your setup the ATA is in India with a phone number 360-XXX-XXX and let us further say that this hypothetical ATA also takes a regular Indian Phone Line.

    Now, if I call into the number 360-XXX-XXX from the US, I’d like to get the dial tone of the Indian Phone Line. Is this possible? Does any ATA/Router support such a thing?! :)

  17. Hay i found this site to call unlimited to india http://www.convex9.com
    The support team is doing onsite installation and Legal in India. i am with them and the Support and good. we dont need to be a tech savy hassel free and good price.

  18. Suresh

    Thank you, Its really great.

    Could you please explian this little more….
    ***Configure you ATA with Gizmo Project login details***

    I have ATA HT386. If possible please explain how to reset and to install the same.

    Appreacite your help

  19. uday


    first down load the manual of 386. Then connect its internal server . same as you do for your modem configuration. there will be local IP address. http://192.XX.XX.XX,

    you wud see the login page. enter the default login details and enter into ATA configuration screen.

    you have enter your gizmo login id: 1747XXXXXXXXX
    password : gizmo password

    All the above information u will get once u register with gizmo. i dont remember any other configuration i had done.

    connect the phone to ata and it shud work. i hope u have done the IPKALL registration. else call gizmo (from another account) to your SIP account

  20. Suresh

    Thanks for ur reply.

    Actually this HT386 I got it from Mpingi (Chenai based Company). Hope you know this. Really they gave me good Customer service and everything is ok. I am using Mpingi more than a year.

    Luckly I saw your posting yesterday and decided to make a try with the existing HT386 by ur directions to save $46.00 per month.

    So last night I was trying and logged into main screen with their password not the defualt one but I can’t access the advanced setings or other. So I reset the ATA with the dowloaded manual through analog telephone. Now everything is 000. All IP/DNS/Subnet mask.

    My question is:why I can not login with the “ADMIN” default password? Is there any other way to reset this password?

    At last I placed order for HT496 and it will be here before this weekend. Also I got SIP phone number with Gizmo and registerd with IPKALL and I am waiting approval with number from IPKALL.

    I am not going to break the contract with Mpingi until I got it done with HT496.

    I need one favour. Could you please post the SCREEN SHOT of the HT496 setup config SCREENS?

    Really appreciate your time and help!


  21. uday

    Suresh, unfortunately the ATA is now in chennai. and no body is computer aware as its used by my parents more over we dont have a computer there to take a screen shot.

    I will try to see if i can get the screen shot and update this blog within a days or two.

    Regarding default password, it might be possible that mphingi as the case with voip providers have set a diff default password. they have tie ups with manufacturers to buy in bulk and do this way. i know when sunrocket got closed ,the hotest search in web was how to crack the password.

    please do a search in the web, you may find a answer to do so. i never tried this.

    good luck

  22. Suresh

    Hi Uday,

    Thanks again for your fast reply.
    No problem about the HT386, I do not want to crack the PWD. I am using Mpingi to call my family in India everyday.

    Also I am waiting for my new HT496 like urs. So I am going to fresh start with that. Once I tried that I will post in this forum.


  23. Suresh

    Hi Uday,

    Still I am waiting for my number from IPKALL for my Gizmo SIP number.

    Also I registered with IPKALL for my freeipcall SIP number and I got the number from IPKALL (360-xxx-xxx).

    Could you please tell me how to test whether its working or not? or how to setup this with ATA?

    I searched a lot and could not find?

    Also I have another question.

    In my IPKALL account can I change that registered SIP number to another new one for example Gizmo SIP number and update the same?

    Appreacite ur reply

  24. uday


    a) Since you get your 360-XXX-XXXX number.

    login into your gizmo from your computer. since your gizmo is mapped to IPKALL.

    you can login using your GIZMO ID : example : suresh123 or 1747-XXX-XXXX and gizmo password.

    after logging into gizmo application, try calling 360 number from mobile or landline, it shud ring in your computer. same as you get a call from yahoo-to yahoo chat call.

    b) Still I am waiting for my number from IPKALL for my Gizmo SIP number. – I did not understand your question here. IPKALL number is 360-XXX-XXXX and gizmo number is 1747-XXX-XXXX.

    1747-XXX-XXXX is not public number and is internal to gizmo, so you use IPKALL to get a external number and call gizmo.hope i am not confusing you.

    c) In my IPKALL account can I change that registered SIP number to another new one for example Gizmo SIP number and update the same? -YES, I THINK SO ITS POSSIBLE.

    Configuring your GS ATA is as simple as giving your GIZMO ID and PASSWORD in your ata admin screen. instead of gizmo application, you use your ATA.

    gizmo application – speak with MIC and speaker of your computer.

    ATA- speak with your phone connected to the phone port of ATA.

    ATA -analog telephone adapter. which converts digital signal into analog(voice) signal.

    Hope this helps.

  25. Suresh

    Hi Uday

    This is email that received from IPKALL…….
    Thank you for signing up. Your IPKall phone number is: 360-xxx-xxxx
    SIP Phone Number: : 1312xxxx
    SIP Proxy: sip.freeipcall.com

    Calls will come from (voiper.ipkall.com) or (voiper2.ipkall.com).

    IPKall is a PSTN to Existing VoIP service ONLY; devices and/or software are not to be logged into IPKall servers.
    Not for this proxy — 1747xxxx@proxy01.sipphone.com from Gizmo
    In the meantime I updated SIP phone number 1747xxxx from Gizmo in IPKALL. After that I called 360 number from my cell and its starts ringing in my PC and shows incomming call from Atlanta(MY CELL NUMBER) and starts talking and it was very clear.

    So its working. That’s great. Yes it is possible.

    Now I have to wait for my HT496 to arrive. I think that’s going to be a hard part.

    Thanks again!

  26. Suresh

    Hi UDAY,

    I got my HT496 and configured as per your configuration it starts working and I called and talk to many of friends in USA through ATA. Only the problems is in the receiver side, giving lot of noise disturbance.

    Anyway I am going to send one to my family in India.

    Thank you for your help again!

  27. uday


    Nice to hear that, are you getting echo. There is some setting for echo cancellation.

    Till now i rarely got problems. might be some times. are you going to use it with BSNL or AIRTEL internet there in india.

    do u have any one there who is bit knowledgeble and have a laptop.

    because the SIP ata usually works in 5060 port. you might need to do firewall disabling in the modem/router side as the modem blocks the port.

    you might face this problem. it shud be simple as logining into modem/router and disabling the firewall.

    good luck


  28. Suresh

    Hi Uday,

    I got BSNL in India and my borther-in-law he knows little abou that. So I will tell him to forward that port both in router and PC or to disable the firewall.

    I got another problem. Gismoproject SIP worked only for 1 hr. After that it says you have no credit in your a/c. That means it’s not free. So I tried with freeipcall SIP and I got dial tone but I could not make call out. So I send an email to customer service they replied me if I am premium user I have to use 00+country code+number.

    Please let me know is there anyother providers that you know or using.

    I am waiting for your reply.


  29. Srini

    I was using Vonage to call my folks in India for so long. Though the phone was hardly being used these past 2 years, due to high internet broadband charges in Chennai (do not know why), I am now thinking of trying out your example. Could I test something link a Yahoo To Yahoo PC chat without buying the analog ATA device? Just by signing up with the two sites you described?


  30. jyothi

    Can we set up this inside US for free phone calls.

  31. Jyothi,

    Yes, you can. for trying it in US. first get a Gizmo number. get a US number for your gizmo number using IPKALL.

    then log into gizmo thro your computer.

    call the US number which IPKALL gave you, the gizmo application should ring in your computer.

    if you dont want to spend for a ATA and you have computer at home then this is a cheaper option.

    ofcourse you have to be always logged in to recieve calls.

    if you buy a ATA, then just configure it as mentioned in this article, and connect a phone to the ATA and when you call the US number which IPKALL gave you, the phone should ring.

    this is the same way vonage works, only diff no monthly charge.

    Incoming thro this way is free and out going you need to buy gizmo minutes which is around 2 cents /min for US and most europe countries.

    Good luck

  32. Suresh

    Hi Uday,


    Now I am calling my family for unlimitedly at anytime for free. I had paid extra $25.00 (to VOXALOT-Premium account) to get the number and I registered with IPKALL. I got ATA 496 and configured my BSNL user id in PPPoE and its working very good. No problem except little bit noise disturbance. That’s ok for free.

    If you have any suggestion to improve please let me know.


  33. Suresh,

    Thanks and nice to hear that. I am not sure if my BSNL is configured in PPPoE.

    Can you tell me what is VOXALOT-Premium account exactly. may be i would try researching but just thought of asking you?

  34. Suresh


    Sure. Its just basic free account with some additional features like

    * Set up to five SIP registrations for inbound calls
    * Set up Call Connection rules
    * Use Web Call Back
    * Make Smart Calls (balancing call quality and costs)
    * Make free calls to other voxalot members
    * Make free calls to over 2000+ other SIP networks
    * Receive calls to your voxalot number
    * Set up Voice Service Providers for outbound calls to normal
    telephone numbers
    * Activate or deactivate voice mail
    * Receive voice mail as a sound file (WAV file) in your email
    * Create a speed dial directory
    * Get free support from the community support forums.
    * Connect to your Voxalot account using a soft phone, wifi mobile, Analog Telephone Adapter or using one of the 200+ access numbers around the world listed on SIP Broker.
    * Use our branded Virtual Toll Free button

    I never tried to use the additional features. But now I need to use that, because my family in India paying Rs.6.00 to give me a missed call. So I decided to get some Voip providers for less price to make outbound calls from India ATA device to give me a missed call to my cell. Then I can call them back for free.

    I need your help to get Cheap Voip providers and how to set outbound calls in Voxalot.

    Thanks and appreciate your response and help.


  35. anand

    Very interesting to find out that someone got it working what i have been trying to do.

    I have been trying to connect through both direct-IP calling as well as SIP route and have trouble figuring out port numbers of different commercial sip providers.

    It is good idea to have an ATA set up in india.How did you deliver the ATA device you bought from voipsupply in india?

  36. RK


    I had a Bell Canada ATA which worked fine in Toronto. However, when I took it to India, I am not able to get a dial tone. I tried it both at MTNL and BSNL internet connection and I can just hear a vaccum.

    Does thses ISP block any ports that ATAs use? Would really need your help to resolve this.


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