TVH Svasti – OMR – Rs 4000+ per sq ft

True value homes have launched a new project in Chennai after a long gap. Their last project was lumbini sqaure way by in 2006. Svasti, their lastest in Chennai is located in Raju Nagar in Thoraipakkam. If you are not ware of where Raju Nagar, it is near CTS but bit interior from main road (OMR).

TVH had some problems with their project Park Rozalia and i know it took a lot of time for them to get it started. Couple of my relatives are owners of TVH apartment in velachery and they said the construction quality is very good.

Coming back to Svasti, priced at Rs 3650 + other charges, it works out close to Rs 43 Lakhs for a 2 bed room apartment (1040 sq ft). The project should be completed around end of 2009 or early 2010 (20 -24 months). Its a good 2 year wait before you can occupy or rent it out.

Only problem with TVH is slowness in contruction. I can find no other fault with their apartments. One observation which i made when i visited TVH mahanya or TVH park villa is use of FSI (Floor space index) to the max. Looking at Svasti it looked like a cluster of buildings with not much open space

Features of Svasti has nothing new to offer. They offer wooden flooring in Park Rozalia but not for this.

I had already written on this, Plaza builders always takes pride in comparing their FSI with TVH. They had big blocks of building and some times it gives a feeling that you are staying a LODGE or HOTEL rather than an apartment.

If i were you, i would go for a already constructed apartment or second hand apartments if you can afford to wait or pay more.


  1. Renegade

    Guys. This seem to be old but no one has posted anything. Is it being sold still?

  2. maddy

    Svasti still offering aratments but at 4750 per sqft.
    Anybody any comments?

  3. Prasanna

    Hi There,

    I checked the availability. They entire block 4 is not sold and there are still available in 3 block. they are quoting 4500 for block 4. I am not sure, why they are not able to sell it.

    Is there any legal problems or rate is too high for an off OMR project? Advice me.

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