The Hindu e-Paper much cheaper now

I was one of the early adopters to the Hindu ePaper. Not only am a avid fan of Hindu but i never like to miss the daily special magazines which gives a lot of information. I particularly like the property plus on saturdays. Hindu untill now charged $10 for a months subscription of its ePaper. I even remember writing a mail to Hindu’s office urging them to reduce the charges but with no reply.

Recently i noticed that Hindu has cut its ePaper charges to almost 65%. Now the monthly charge is $3.75. I think poor subscription and free ePaper from the Economic times and the move the TOI to start a chennai edition has made them to sit and make changes to their charges.

I feel Hindu should be affected a bit in advt revenue once TOI comes to Chennai. At present one can read the entire paper online from the site . It would be good to see if even their Chennai edition is added to its free list. Ever wondered where i got the advt about PLOTS AT PORUR by LVB, it is from ECONOMIC TIMES, Chennai edition epaper.

So stay in touch with your home town the most effective way and make correct investment decisions.

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  1. Yeah, I noticed this in as well. I used to read the Hindu’s epapers regularly until they started the $10/month subscription fee. It’s a nice move by the Hindu to reduce the monthly rates. I definitely for one will not mind subscribing to Hindu epaper now, given the fact that The Hindu is one of the newspapers that cover Chennai more extensively than other newspapers.

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