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Swim against the current…

…No Olympic Gold but Great Profits!

Let me explain…

· My Appa had 4 grounds in RA Puram which he sold for 40 Lakhs per ground in 2000. Today it is 2.5 crores per ground.

· My sister sold her apartment for Rs.1200 per sq.ft in 2000, in Vellacherry the going price now is Rs. 7000/- .

· I was offered 2 grounds at Sholinganallur at Rs.7 lakhs per ground in 2000. I heard the price is 70 lakhs per ground.

Does this sound familiar?

Don’t you also know somebody who had missed an opportunity to make money in the property market in the past. In fact, they all flowed with the tide and did not take a contra-action.The few smart people who could see farther encashed on the opportunity and they are all sitting on a pile of money today! In other words, they swam against the tide and amassed great wealth.

Why do people don’t take proper decisions in property market?
Because most of them don’t know who really moves property markets.

· Who declared OMR as an IT Corridor?

· Who decided to expand Meenambakkam airport?

· Who wanted the Kathipara grade separator?

· Who formed Anna Nagar?

The Government of course!
Tremendous property growth, always follows the government’s developmental path. Consider this…

· Where is the government putting all its infrastructure energy into, now? It is Sriperumbudur.

· If you look at the government announcements of new ventures, Most often they
are all in Sriperumbudur.

So much so that Sriperumbudur has become an internationally known location. So much so that they are talking of a brand new Greenfield airport at Sriperumbudur. But then if there is one fault, with these government agencies, it is that they always delay projects. So, the Sriperumbudur airport could take at least 2020 before it is fully operational.

That brings us to the present airport at Meenambakkam, which is under great expansion. So, the entire stretch of property from Kathipara Junction to Sriperumbudur is going to explode in value. Particularly, areas closer to those swanky IT parks, which are changing the skylines of Guindy-Porur Road.

In other words,
Yet another Great Real Estate Opportunity is unfolding!!!

What are you going to do? Be a witness while others make money? Or be the one who makes money? But then is this the right time to buy property?

What with

· Inflation

· Interest rate hikes

· Market falling

· IT job crunch, or whatever?

Interestingly there was always some crisis or other in the world

· Dotcom bust

· Kargil war

· Tsunami

· Coalition government, or whatever

· 9/11 attacks

· Earthquakes

But through all of them, property markets continued to grow, rapidly or slowly…By investing into the best property around.

And always the real investor, the true home buyer was rewarded again and again…

Remember all bull markets begin in times of extreme pessimism and all bear markets begin when the entire world is agog with positive ness.

Which is why…

This is the right time to buy property. So how do you make money out of Guindy-Porur Road?

What could be A Great Property?

· A property with great ambience.

· A property which is truly beautiful.

· A property which is inspirational.

· A property which is aspirational.

· A property which when fully developed, future buyers will be ready to pay “multiple times of your investment”.

Want to know where to get one?
Come to La Céleste, a great property developed by XS Real.

XS Real has been developing properties which are very unique and which bring in great returns. Click here to see some completed XS Real properties. La Céleste is even more special because XS Real is unleashing its creativity on a huge 10 acre development.

We all know that larger a property better would be the design possibilities. True to XS Real form, La Céleste in yet another thematic development – French Architecture in fact.

This is how La Céleste would look like…

La Céleste will have typical French features like Dormers on terraces, a 40 feet boulevard (wide avenue road) and even a great club house done up in Arc de Triomphe style.

How many properties can boast of such a lovely ‘architectural’ club house?

Look at the site plan and get a better idea…

Coming to individual apartments, each one of the 426 apartments is a Bungalow Apartment.

(click here to know the specialities of bungalow apartment)

Visualize the French style Bungalow apartment with a kolam(Rangoli), Thoranams and a small thulasi plant in front! You will know why we are absolutely floored by her exotic beauty.

These bungalow apartments come in sizes between 1458 – 1803 sqfeet and are priced at Rs. 3950/- per sqfeet. Don’t miss this wonderful opportunity to own one.

Call Suganthi @ 0-97109 36892 now and let her help you buy a piece of this great development.

Remember great properties do not last!
Whether bulls or bears or any other animals rule!

Be a salmon. Swim against the current. And create great wealth!

Wishing you all the very best,
Vice President -Marketing


  1. I am working on the images to appear properly. I am not connected to XSReal. Just thought of posting this.

  2. Dear Uday,

    Thank you for posting my mailer!We had test marketed La Celeste in February 2008 at Rs 4050/- per sq.ft.Subsequently we had launched the project in the last week of March 2008 at Rs 3850/- per sq.ft. Currently we are selling at Rs 3950/- per sq.ft.



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