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My previous article dealt with Coffee day Franchise and now I wanted to share with you on Chawla Chicken, which is looking for franchise. Food and beverage is a multi million-dolor business in India and with the increasing youth spending in India, one can only expect it to increase.

The key to success is in choosing the right place to do business. Well running a restaurant is no joke and it does require huge investments in terms of time and money. There is substantial risk involved when you consider starting a food business because its success depends on lot of factors including quality, price, manpower, visibility, capital sustainability and much more.


I did outline in my previous articles that going a franchise route would eliminate a lot of overheads associated with traditional business. So what is Chawla Chicken and how does it offer to its franchise? Chawla claim to be in business since 1960 and have being running a successful food business in north India. They have close to 80 chains in India and its presence is predominantly in North India. One good thing about franchising with Chawla is they take care of one of the major overheads in running a restaurant. That is manpower.

The success of any restaurants largely depends on the food it is offering. Chawla’s franchise concept is designed in such a way that its sends trained manpower including Chefs to your place. All it requires to partner with Chawla is a Rs 5 Lakh franchise fees which covers Business know how, Chefs, secret recipes, initial setup etc. What you need a space of minimum 750 sq ft and some investment for restaurant interior designing, Kitchen equipments, working capital (which would cover staff salary, other running costs).

You can start your own restaurant if you have around Rs.14 Lakhs. This would reduce further if you have your own space. Space is the most important cost in running a restaurant. An up market commercial space would cost any where between Rs 25 to Rs 40 per sq ft.

One thing I like about Chawla is that they have a big pool of trained Chefs and it runs Training and development exercise for its chefs on regular intervals to ensure the quality of the products is retained in all its outlets. And the company has 2 training centers one in Delhi and other one in Ludhiana. Chawla claims to save the franchisee from going through all the teething problems one has to face while starting a new set up and I feel they are right.

Check out their website CHAWLACHICKEN.COM for further details.

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  1. Satheesh

    Dear Uday,
    Thanks for the article. It does look like not a big investment, But I wonder if it would be a good idea to open in chennai. May be in bangalore, yeah..But, in bangalore to get 450sqft prime location will take anywhere between 30-40 guess..Anyhow, keep the article coming, its so refreshing to see someone research and share with others..sharing is caring.

  2. Devraj Hazarika

    @Udayakumar… fascinating write-up and well written at that. Further down the line I would like to start up a restaurant of my own (not franchise). Do you have any idea or links to business plans in the restaurant business in the current Indian sceanrio?

  3. Ravish Shah

    Hey another inspiring one from you. Can you suggest some franchise biz with high returns below 10k investment.

  4. Brinder

    We have already opened Franchise at Shakaranagar ( Near Hebbal)from Chawla at Bangalore. We are getting very good response in terms of taste and support.

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