Small or Big ?

Having dealt with both a small builder and a large scale property developer, i just thought it would be high time i blog on this. I always had this doubt whether go for a large property with hundered’s of apartments in it or just go for a property which has a small number of apartments in it. My simple analysis

Small Properties

    Less number of Apartments in the community.Less traffic but also less secure.
    Less Maintenance headaches. Property is easy to maintain and is always well maintained. Remember, the resale value of a property lot depends on how well the property is maintained. Even if one has a faboluous apartment with interiors, its market value depends on well the entire property complex is maintained.
    Less Water Problems
    Less Maintenance charges.

Only disadvantage of a small size project is builders tend to use the space to the max. Not much open space might be devoted for essentails like Children Play area, Walking path, etc. Some times you have a feeling of living in a cramped place.

Large Size Properties

    More apartments meaning more traffic, but security is more in bigger apartments. There is always people movements.
    Maintanance headaches are more. If the property does not form a good welfare association, then problems only compound.
    Resale value is average.
    More water problems.Huge Maintenance charges.

Now a days, almost all big sized projects are build in the 20:80 format ie. 20% of building and 80% of open free space. Its is always good to have parks, children’s play area,jogging track etc

If one would ask me, my first choice would be small sized properties. I can’t imagine paying Rs 2.50 /sq ft just as maintenance charges per month. If i own a 1000 sq ft apartment, then i would have to shell out Rs 2500 just for maintenance. And add to it other things mentioned above. So its a clear NO GO for Hiranandani Palace gardens,Purva Swan lake or Hiranandani Upscale for me. I always feel the economics of Investment VS ROI does not matches.

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