Skype rates to India Slashed by 50%

Continuing with my quest to find cheap telephone services to india, I just found that SKYPE has reduced it call rates to several countries including INDIA.This offer is limited for only July.The call rates will be 50% less than current skype rates offered for India. Its a great opportunity for everyone who want to make cheaper calls to India.

The promotional period starts Monday 02 July, 2007 and ends 31 July, 2007 GMT.Skype registered users shall be entitled to make calls using SkypeOut to all mobile and landline SkypeOut destinations in India.

Have you tried SKPYE services before. If not its worth a try. I tried it when they offered free one day call to india and all i can say about voice quality is excellent.They really offer a great and unbeatable voice quality.

Till the Telecom Regulatory finds a way to legalise VOIP in india, one can only except phone call rates to remain High as it is now. One only hope that Government stops protecting Telecom companies including its own MTNL,BSNL and introduce VOIP in india at the earliest. VOIP days in india are not far away.


  1. Looks like Skype has introduced a version for MAC as well. That will be very helpful for people who don’t own windows machines. I guess there is an offer from Skype that lets you make International calls from a cell phone. Have you used it before? And Uday, I’ve linked your blog from my blog site as well ( Visitors from my blog can now visit your blog. Please let me know if you would like to remove it. Thanks.

  2. Thanks Bhadri. Thanks for linking my domain on your blogs. I am fine with it. I haven’t tried skype on cell phone

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