Sit Tight – Some interesting quotes

Todays fall of Lehman and the subsequent market reactions world wide has taken most by surprise. I am worried seeing so many bad news now a days.When Bear Stearns was down, the lot of Indian IT companies including Cognizant were affected thought the it did not shake its profit margins much.

Now comes the Lehman fall down and companies like TCS, Infy would have being already worried about their share of account falling apart. While Merrill Lynch take over by Bank of America did some relief to US markets, i was expecting the market to do good because of OIL fall to $97. AIG is also another headache to watch for.

Even good news like a drop in oil and some resolution to fears about Merrill couldn’t prevent widespread selling. Now Goldman Sachs Group Inc. and Morgan Stanley as the remaining big, independent firms. I know JP Morgan Chase and Morgan Stanley is one of the big accounts for Cognizant with people count more than 2000.

I could not imagine what would happen if such biggies fall down the line. Well you never know. For times as bad as this, i feel CASH IS THE KING. So if you have sufficient CASH, SIT TIGHT, watch out the markets for some more time. I think Fed’s decision on Tuesday would also be vital.

Remember when US markets are down, Indian Markets equally get affected. So SIT TIGHT and keep your eyes open.But i found some good contradicting quotes and thought of posting them.

Buffet On Stocks

One thing that Warren Buffett doesn’t do is try to time the stock market, although he does have a very strong view on the price levels appropriate to individual shares.

A majority of investors, however, do just the opposite, something that financial planners are always warning them to avoid.

“Most people get interested in stocks when everyone else is. The time to get interested is when no one else is. You can’t buy what is popular and do well,” Buffett says.

As the bad news blew in across the Atlantic along with gale force winds, City of London bosses are looking east – Stuart Fraser, policy chairman of the City of London, which is responsible for running London’s financial district, said:”Globally, and in the medium and long term, nothing changes the fact that economies such as China, India, Brazil and others are growing fast and will need financial services to help them in that growth.

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