Singapore Vs Chennai – Comparison of car prices

This is rather a comparison of 2 cities than car prices.

Just back from a vacation to Singapore and Sydney.

This is my second visit to Singapore and i never get bored visiting the city.

Do you know the cost to own a car in Singapore ?

Well i didn’t know until i saw a VW advertisement and i was initially stunned seeing the price. Refer below.

I just cannot stop appreciating, admiring the Singapore authorities, planners, politician’s etc etc.

Hats off to their forward planning

They are extensively promoting metro travel. A VW POLO costs Rs 7-8 Lakhs here and it costs Rs 50 Lakhs in Singapore. Thanks to the higher road tax etc etc.

Such stricter rules are necessary to create world class cities.

No wonder Singapore is widely embraced as one of the most livable cities in the world.

During this visit, We did not use cabs even a single time and extensively used Metro Train to see all attractions and we were very happy travelling in train’s and buses.

Below picture sums up all my frustration.

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