Sensex @ 25k , Are you ready to Profit?

Each year, we see the sensex rising, but how many of the US( retail investors) have gained from this. My personal experience with Stocks were never good. I made the same beginner mistake’s of buying Penny stocks in anticipation of high turnover. Only later did i realize my mistakes but by then the damage was already done.


You may have read many articles on values picks and stocks which is expected to return you fortune. But how many of us did really profit from it?. While Real Estates, Gold Investments are traditional investment forms, one should not ignore the current stock markets rally.

Sensex @ 25000, not now but i bet it should reach those magical figures by 2010. Yes just 3 years from now. So what best can we do to gain from it. Having burnt my fingers trying to time the market and making poor investment, i came to a conclusion that there are certain things which are best left the professionals. I still repent not going for mutual funds or other funds way back in 2003.

Not only does stock market require a lot of time,analysis but it does require patience and vision. Drawback with traditional investors is lack of patience and vision due to which they never make it big in stocks.

I have seen one of my friend, who vowed not to came back to stocks after 2000 dot com burst. I used to tell him, its a costly mistake not to take advantage of india’s growing economy. When i found i am not good in stocks of my own, i switched to UTLP and Mutual funds. Sample this, i took equity fund of reliance for a NAV of 15 one year back and current NAV value of the same is 27. While UTLP are more of insurance, but there are difinately good UTLP out there which provide good returns and life coverages comes as a bonus.

Mutual funds and Systematic Investment funds are 2 other better ways of investing in equity. I am very bullish on the indian story and i am sure of a returns of atleast 12-15% annual returns which is pretty decent compared to bank rates. I always seek experts advice when it comes to stocks and recommend you to do so. I like this site PersonalFn
where you have lot of options on investments. Few other sites which i often visit is Reliance Life and Economic times

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