Screwed up Air India

I had heard a lot of complaints on Air India but never faced it personally unless this trip. I choose Air India because of some what lower fares compared to other airlines but only repented my decision this time. For start it was 5 hours flight delay at mumbai. My flight land mumbai by 12.30 in the night and then took off to Chennai after 5 hours.

I thought everything is fine after i reached Chennai. I was waiting for my luggage but saw that a lot of people including me did not receive at least one of their suit cases. It was a sudden journey and i did a stupid thing of packing my new dell laptop along with my clothes.

The airline authorities cooly responded by saying they would receive the suitcase from mumbai next day and asked us to fill a long form and i wasted another 1 hour waiting in a queue for my turn to fill the forms. The flight jouney was horrible with one of the old flights and even a bus seat would be better than the Air India’s international flight.

I thought i would receive the suitcase by yesterday only to be told that it is yet to reach chennai and finally i got my suitcase today. Even though i had locked my suitcase, they broke open it and there were stickers like INSPECTED in my suitcase. The old man who delivered the suitcase warned us never to travel by BA ,AI and said there is atleast 100 cases of people losing their belongings with BA and Air India.He also said i was lucky to get my suitcase with my laptop intact and said many lost more costly belongings.

I never had any problems with Lufthansa and Emirates ever. One good lession for me is a NEVER TRAVEL AIR INDIA AGAIN and Never put costly belongings in your Check In bags.


  1. Uday, sorry to hear your experience. I’ve had very bad experience with both Air India & Indian airlines. While the trip with Air India was due to delays and poor handling, IA was even horrible. During my last trip, IA did not let us board the airline. We had to fly out 1 day later.

  2. Rajesh Babu

    I just had exactly same experience with AI two years back, I guess they make it that way so customers feel it memorable…

  3. Satheesh

    I have heard enough horror stories already with IA and AI. But, I would never ever dare to travel anything except Singapore Airlines. They are the best, somewhat expensive than these cheapos. But, they deserve it. Nice entertainment, good seat, good meals, comfortable, only problem is the transit time in Singapore. Oh Well, I just go out and have good food in Little India in Singapore 😉

  4. Prem Kumar


    I was a big fan of Air India till 2006 , till they messed it up royally . I am glad that I’ve the option of taking Jet Airways from NJ this time around. Another plus is that they travel through Brussels (no transit visa required even if you have a expired stamp and are going to India for your stamping).

    While Air India is one of the worst airline, the worst airport award should go to CDG, Paris. Also, it’s amazing that France requires you to get a transit visa even if you don’t get off from your plane.

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