Rajparis Harmony -Medavakkam. Rates starting 3100

It has been long since i wrote about some upcoming project. This one, i got it thro one of our readers and i was impressed with their model flat. I particularly like the sorroundings of Rajparis Harmony. Even though the builder is quoting prices around 3400 including wood work, there is scope for negotiations.

The builder is coming down upto 3100 per sq ft and if negotiated well can go down by a Rs 100. Does any one have any idea on the prospectus of the location, any drawbacks with the builder. The amenities looks decent with most of the essentials including Lift, Power back up etc.

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Some photos of the model apartment







  1. Sasi


    It is very funny.Please grow up.

  2. noname

    no ravi is right. We check this site to update about the status of Rajparis,any changes.modifications blah blah and somethings Rajparis customers might have in common and not to discuss RAJPARIS versus DISGRUNTULED timewasters.

    I don’t know why– There ain’t much crap being posted in other blogs.We desrve to be left alone. Thank you

  3. senthil

    ravi grow up ravi if you want to see the status join a group exclusively for buyers and discuss within yourself.. this is public forum and both +ve and -ve opinions are welcome ,so that people can gauge themselve on the reality before buying one. also forums are filled with builders agent who just boast off telling things thats far off from reality on the ground.. you can check this forum itself where in 6 months back even in DLF when negative opionion started these selfish agents where critizing.. but now they got a sizeable group to go against the builder. where are those agents now can they speak up or show their face now?

  4. Ravi

    Dear Sasi & Senthil, Thank you for the comments. I will grow up.

  5. Ravi

    We have all invested in Rajparis Brand buying HOUSES & not HORSES. So the homeowners who visit this blog will know what it is worth it when the place develops, until then they will remain calm spectators.

    Hope I did not hurt anybody and sorry if anybody is hurt.

  6. Sasi


    Looks like you are hard core fan of Rajparis.

    At least, you post some recent pictures of this project. So that every one will know the status of Harmony – Instead of saying project will be completed next week or next month – assumptions.

    By doing this way it will attract new investors like me.

  7. Ravi

    Sasi, I will be going this weekend, I will click some photos and so that you can see them for yourselves.