Purva Windermere- pallikarnai Pre Launch offer Rs 2790

Just got some info on this new project of Purva called Windermere in pallikarnai. Priced at Rs 2790 per sq ft with no indication of how much floor size and other charges. Please look at the mail from their marketing person.

We from Puravankara are proud to inform the launch of Purva Windermere on the 14th of January 2008,The project which is located at Palikaranai in Chennai is going to house about 2072 flats which is being spread over a land area of 53 acres. Centrally located on the south east of Chennai, two large lakes almost surround three sides of the property bringing in a high water table. the ground water found abundantly on this property is sweet & potable. With a close proximity to good Educational & Medical Institutions it is a city centered project with high end Specification like

Please be informed that the plans are gone for Sanctions & I will be able to give you the details once we get it as of now we are doing a soft launch were one can register there interest in the project by filling up the Registration Form & paying Rs 3 Lakhs for a 2 Bhk & Rs 5 Lakhs for a 3 Bhk . The Pre Launch base price will be Rs. 2790/- per sft. Please do let us know of your interest

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  1. vasu

    Yes you are right!!!

    Please mobilize members those who booked in Swanlake by way of joining in forum or group mail.

    Show your team strength and approach management for your justifiable claim and get price gurantee in paper.

    Hope. management will consider your request. Because Purva is such a nice Builder. Everybody facing this kind of issue due to finance liquidity problem. For that , customer should not suffer. How DLF passed price reduction to their existing and new customers.

    Otherwise go to media like DLF guys…………

    You will get return

  2. Surya

    I am one of the Windermere customer, I am telling you…. NOTHING going to be happened by forming a group. Some guys around 20 people formed the group for Windermere and they met the same Vinod, in the end the answer was “Top guys are sitting in Bangalore and the told nothing to compensate and reducing prices etc…..”

    The Best suggestion, I can see is the Media…. We need to show them out to the public, how we hard working people trapped!!!

  3. Jim

    DLF triggered a logical correction & the same is gng to hppen for most of the OMR projects (all of which have a hefty inflated rt/sqft…!)..Its just a matter of time..but purva hav not chosen proper place for construction. Just sold the flats by ads & media..I definitely dont think their projects are worth even fr 2K..consdering the proximity & locality..as smone said in the previous posts..NOBODY sells for a loss.. the prices that were quoted earlier were inflated & unrealistic for chennai!!..

  4. Sathis kannan

    Please anyone update the current price of Rajparis.We would like to buy flat at chennai.Currenty i am living in Australia.

  5. Surya

    Please do not change the topic. This issue is purely for Windermere, Puravankara ONLY

  6. Nabakishore

    Hi Sathis kannan,

    The current Rajparis price is 3100/- per sq ft. with Free car par (1.5 Lacs). They are available only 3BHK of 1500 sq ft.

  7. noname

    any one sticking with windermere pull out immediately. Please heed this warning seriously and do not search for reasons. They are really taking us all for a ride.

    Rajparis( I am not even a customer) are extrelmely good and professional and their quality of construction is second to none. I am seriously thinking of going for it but god damn purva is not giving my money even after 6 weeks!

  8. senthil

    its better to get a finished project or very big names like L&T.
    even in that buy which is suitable for you in all aspects not just bcos others bought it. days of flipping flats for profits are gone atleast 3-4 yrs from now.