Purva Swanlake instead of Purva windermere- Are you In?

Well, i was toying with this idea for quite some time and now since some comments started creeping up on purva themselves offering such a deal , i thought of checking up with purva buyers?

Frankly i thought about this some 3 months bank when i saw purva heavly advertising Swanlake in times of Inda property plus. I was wondering if they can make it attractive and sell it to existing windermere customers.

Advantage is Swanlake is already approved (I hope so) and it is currently the first one of purva’s project to get completed in south chennai. I have no idea about the contruction status of Purva Jade.

First are you ok for such a swap? How many of you really like a Swap. If Yes, at what price. Will you be ready if Swanlake is offered for the same price as windermere i.e 2800 per sq ft?

While there is a lot of debate on OMR being a failure and OMR will be a success in future, no body knows how things would go down the line.

My personal opinion is Windermere has location advantage then Swanlake. Its near velachery and city is quite near by then Padur. But i am bit sceptical about Marsh land and other environmental stuffs around purva. Garbage burning etc. Not sure if windermere gets affected by it.

One risk if you happen to stay with windermere is what if it does not get approved? There is a possiblity may be a remote one, but i remember reading in one of the forums that approval is a problem because of its location near the marsh land and lake near by. Though i am also reading that approval is delayed because of purva trying to take advantage of new FSI rules.

Again, do you stand to gain because of it. I dont think so. Will purva reward you with good flat view or other incentives because of early movers advantage?. It is not sure.

I would expect Purva to atleast mail their customers on a tentative approval dates and what stage of approval are they now currently.

I would say, Windermere if approved and contruction started by year end would get completed only by 2012 end and Swanlake should be over before that.

Let me know your thoughts


  1. Navaa


    Can you let me the current position of exactly purva swanlake stands.

    1. Plan approval status – 9th floor to 14th floor
    2. Is it a good invest in purva swanlake now !


  2. Arshiya

    Hi Can anyone share the latest photos on approach road to Purva Windermere…. Thanks!!!

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