Problems with new Projects – DLF, Purva, XS Real

3 of the recent launches have being marred with controversies and all 3 is being an offering of well known builders. While i appreciate the faith people have in these builders, what surprises me the number of risk involved in these projects and still people are fine with it. Let me summarize it below.


    1. 1).No Approval yet.
      2).Tsunami Rehabs near increases the risk of degrading the value of apartments
      3).Electricity towers running through out the site. Not sure when they would remove that and start construction.
      4).Apartment like to get completed by 2010- 2011.
      5).3000 apartments in the flat and with more apartments getting ready around that time there is a risk of less demand and over supply.
      6).Apartments costing 40 lakhs for 2 bhk and 50 lakhs for 3 BHk. There are many new apartments ready built for sale for the same price. I am seeing a lot of sale in serene acres, perungudi green acres, TVH park rozallia, TVH Park villa. Search magic bricks.

XS Real

No major problems but do you know XS Real was supposed to start a project in Padur and collected advance amount from a lot of people but never started the project and they eventually return the advance amount. But the irony is they are planning to again start a the same project for 3100 per sq ft and the initially was supposed to cost 2500. So cheated a lot of people for their padur project.

I feel their new project near DLF is bit over priced. May be all those gimmicks like french stuff is adding to the price.


Burnt their fingers with wrong pricing of Swan Lake and now their windermere is not yet approved but they have started encashing the cheques for 5 Lakhs. I feel it is not ethical to charge and enjoy for some thing which does not add value add to the customers.

Approval is no where in site for windermere but they already started enjoying the money. I am not very sure on the quality of the apartments nor the location of windermere which is surrounded by lakes and mosquitoes.


In this scenario, i feel known devils (already constructed apartments) is better than unknown angels. If you are investor or one looking to buy an apartment to stay, please consider all this factor. I would first search for quality second hand apartments and then think about others.

Sample these, one of our readers have posted a sale of 1356 sq ft aapartment in Serene acres for 56 lakhs. Negotiated well you can get for less. Serene acres is right next to ETL SEZ and has rental potential for 15 years. Only operating SEZ currently in OMR. TCS Chennai one is housed there.

Serene acres problem is its located right next to the big garbage dump yard. so if you negotiate hard you can get for less. I heard they are going to stop the dumping as marsh land needs to be protected but you never knew.

There is one more for sale for 42 Lakhs. 1189 sq ft and 1272 sq ft.

One more buyer is selling his brand new 2 BHK flat in Green acres for 40 lakhs. Check Magic bricks.

All i am saying is there are new buys for the same price as DLF,Purva and you get it immediately. Dont keep your options closed blindly once you booked DLF or purva. May be you would like one of the others


  1. Rajappa


    Let me put my views are below

    1) Purva many be ok. But OMR and Green acres in Pallavaram are not comparable.

    2) DLF amenities are more, moreover all the other builders in OMR are charging more than DLF.

    3) If a house which will be ready by 2011 is avilable (ie 3 years from now) and available in a discount of more than 30% from the ready to occupy house, it is always better to buy it. Risks are nullified as the risks are more of Home loan companies risk rather than your risk.

    I hope I gave a mathematical review to it

    One more news – DLF guys informed that by 26-02-09, they will get the approvals. I dont take the words of any person who is dealing in real estate. Hence please wait and watch, dont take my words in this

  2. K.R.Rangarajan

    Please don’t dismiss the DLF project just like that.I feel that Chennaites vacillate a lot.Its not wise to buy second hand flats at high prices.From my personal experience i can tell you that one will regret for missing out a DLF project.

  3. ram

    Just a suggestion to all, be careful ,do not go by DLF name.
    These are not elite housing projects which DLF is selling in Gurgaon at 10000 per sq ft.
    This is their new initiatve to get into the segment of mass housing ,which may or may not do well

  4. Shruthi

    I had a very bitter experience with XS real. Thier launch price 1.5 yrs ago was 2700Rs for their Padur pjt and we booked the apt like 2 weeks after the launch date. Within that short period of time, they demanded 3400Rs per sq ft. We tried to explain to them that the price they are quoting is atrocious given only a difference of two weeks between the launch date and our booking date. They didnt reduce the price. But since we thought the style of construction is unique, we booked an apt with them.
    Since then they put us in waiting for almost 1.5 yrs because they couldnt get the project approved from the government. After 1.5 yrs, in Jan 2008, they sent out an email saying they will refund the money to us because they couldnt get the approval. We fought with them saying that they kept us waiting with hopes for this long and now they are forcing us to take our money back which is cheating .During the 1.5 yrs that we waited, prices have shot up in other areas. Basically we have become big losers by waiting this long. But they said if we dont accept the refund within 15 days, they will not pay us any more interest on the deposit (5Lakhs)

    Now, within a month from that, they have advertised that they are launching the Padur project again!!!!!!. How on earth did they get their approval? Have they started their cheating saga once again?????? If they are top class builders cant they even remotely estimate that they can get the approval within a month? Why make all their customers go through such a mental agony??? I think they silently wanted their customers who booked apts at a lower rate to back off, so that they can sell their apartments for a much higher price. Those crooks!!!. I dont know what guarantee they will give to their customers this time, when the last time it took them 1.5 yrs just for the approval!!!

    Just wanted to share my experience so that people can make decisions with more clarity, given the real estate chaos in India.


  5. Viji

    Sorry to hear this. I have suffered similarly with Jain Housing 2-3 years ago! Waited for their Saligramam project to take off for 2 years patiently only to be told later that approval didn’t come thru’. Atleast in Jains case the project was finally dropped. But XS Real launching the project within a month of returning the money looks atrocious. Pl. explore the possibilities of legal action although these crooks may have played it safe.

  6. vaidyanathan

    It has become a acceptable norm to collect money up front (not small amount but several lakhs), with just a flyer and a nice website showing happy pictures of Caucasian families and children.

    There should be a law that any such promotion of properties should not be allowed unless and until a formal approved plan exists, or has been submitted to the city building permit authorities. May be the law exist and no body cares to enforce it.

    The investing public or the buyers in these projects are well educated, qualified, rational thinkers in a good job. While they apply their prudent financial decisions at the work place, when it comes to real estate, they blindly throw the money at a pamphlet and a website presentation.

    I am sorry to say that as long as we patronize this kind of business model, the unscrupulous builders and developers will continue to do what they are doing.

    In doing so, you are providing the finances and the working capital to these business to only get screwed by them.

    In the West this is unheard of.

    People, please wake up and start a movement or a revolution to put this practice to an end and get empowered to get this business practice changed.

  7. Dear Friends,
    I introduce myself; I am Suresh. This post is in my official capacity as Vice President – Marketing at XS Real Properties Private Limited.
    Thank you all for pointing out your grievances on the way we had handled the situations in Padur project, I am sure you all would appreciate to know our version of the situation, before you form an opinion on the company
    For the past several weeks, I have been observing indignant and resentful remarks about the way XS Real had handled customers who have booked in our Padur project.
    While we were not present in this space we were continuously addressing the grievances of every customer through emails and telephone calls.
    Many customers had come directly to our office and were apprised of the situation.
    Now I wish to participate in this forum and address all of you guys out there about the current misconception on the Padur project. What I shall do is to state all the facts and leave the case to rest in your hands.
    Allow me to explain the whole saga of booking in Padur which happened from December 2006 to March 2008, for your understanding. The 80 apartments were planned out in 5 different blocks. The sequence which we followed for the release was D,E,B,A & C. Once the 80 apartments were booked we also opened up the 12 apartment in the adjacent Precinct 4. The entire sales were completed by the first week of April, 2007.
    We were expecting to publicly launch the project at Rs.3600/- per sq.ft. after obtaining DTCP approvals. We had wanted our existing customers, their friends and acquaintances to benefit from the project. As a gesture of thanks giving for having been with us for long, we wanted to offer substantial discounts to the launch price, to these special people.
    Even during the pre launch, we had given a detailed floor plan, specifications inside the complex, amenities coming up in the complex, a detailed price list which showed all components of the price, a payment schedule and a car parking plan from which people could select their car parks. Buyers had spent time with us to compare each option and only then book. Every buyer was offered the same levels of information, consideration and respect.
    As you know real estate developments could get delayed for a number of reasons- delay in approvals, title issues …whatever. Delays have happened many times before to projects and they may happen yet again to other projects in future. But what would differentiate developers is the manner in which such delays have been handled.
    We had, time and again, through communications on –
    April 30, 2007, June 20, 2007, October 13, 2007, November 29, 2007, December 24, 2007, February 15, 2008 and February 25, 2008-
    – Informed about delays and the options available for home buyers – including withdrawals.
    Our intention on communicating such delays was that people who were becoming uncomfortable could decide on withdrawals. Since there were other projects going on in the market, we wanted people not to miss out on opportunities. In fact, we even suggested a few developers where people could look at properties. Also on our own volition, to those who wished to leave, we had paid compensatory interest of 8% from the date they booked till the date they withdrew.
    Even though we had constantly communicated this delay, our people were working diligently in the back ground to set things right and take the project forward. That is how the decision to launch in February 2008 came about.
    One of the most difficult situations which can arise because of project delay is cost over runs.
    The mistake we made was in assuming that home buyers would be able to bear the cost overrun. Accordingly we had sent a communication to all customers, both existing and cancelled, (even for those cancelled apartments, we wanted to first offer the apartments to the same customers – only if they refuse were we thinking of offering those apartments in the open market) about a suggestive price increase of Rs. 475/- per. sq.ft.
    When well meaning customers pointed out that it is not correct to ask home owners to bear the cost increase, we immediately rectified the situation and withdrew the entire increase.
    Is there not a saying, ` To err is human’? What else is a company but a collection of human beings?
    Please understand that the crux of situation is that XS Real has rightfully absorbed the escalation in input material cost which has been quite steep in 2007 and 2008 as you may have observed. Our Padur customers who had booked from Rs 2570/- per sq.ft onwards will all get the benefit of the market appreciation.
    Not only have we NOT increased the price for all our previous customers, but even for those customers who left in the meantime, because the delay was getting difficult, we have offered the same apartment that they had previously booked, at the SAME, ORIGINAL price.
    XS Real is a customer sensitive organisation. Never ever would we do any thing which affects our customers- EVER.
    Mistakes may occur but once they are pointed out XS Real will take every effort possible to correct itself.
    I could understand all this if we are not open to dialogues. Every single customer has access to concerned officers in the company.
    We fully understand the frustrations of our customers because of the delay. We only want to say we will do all that is possible to see that they gets their apartments at the soonest possible time. Development of a large residential project calls for collective cooperation from all concerned—developer, customers, vendors…all.
    XS Real has always been a customer friendly company. Our endeavour has always been to provide better value for the time, trust and money, which people invest in us. We intend to continue in the same path by offering many more exciting products and excellent customer care, in the days to come.
    Let me sum up dear friends,
    XS Real has never done anything unlawful.
    Whenever there were grievances or misunderstandings we had taken a number of steps to address all of them within time.
    In our past projects we have provided amenities which people even did not ask for.
    We have gone beyond the call of duty like helping people (especially NRIs) to rent or resell their apartments, a service which is not part of the original scope.
    Even our attempts to provide uniqueness to our developments were to make people proud of their possessions. Of course we had our commercial considerations but they were always in tune to what we had offered as products and services.
    You need not take my word here. Please check with anyone who has purchased with XS Real in the past.
    Hopefully esteemed people like you would understand the truth. My sincere and respectful thanks to all members who have addressed their grievances in this forum thereby giving me an opportunity to publicly clarify.
    Thanks and Regards,
    S. Suresh
    Vice President-Marketing
    XS Real Properties Private Limited

  8. Dear Shruthi,
    Thank you for your continuous involvement in XS Real Padur.
    By expressing your grievance you have given me a chance to help address it.
    Like everybody else, I understand that you also have undergone difficulties, because of delays in the project.
    Let me assure you, XS Real has not done anything atrocious!
    Let me remind you … your brother actually booked an apartment on January 23, 2007 for a net price of Rs. 2770/- per sq.ft.
    We announced the P4 opening and you had booked one apartment at Rs.3400/- per sq.ft on March 29, 2007. This was the prevailing price at that moment. (We were about to go public with the launch at Rs. 3600/- per sq.ft. We were just waiting for the approvals). Please note that along with you,10 other customers also had booked apartments in P4 at similar prices. All our records are there to prove it. Also between the dates of these two bookings, there is a clear gap of 72 days (10 weeks) and not two weeks.
    You could see that the entire booking sequence was based on demand at that point of time. People have been entering the project at various timelines at various price points. It so happened that you had arrived along with the last batch of customers.
    When we found that Precinct 5 approvals are going to come sooner, and when a few cancellations in Precinct 5 happened, we did inform you and assist you to book in Precinct 5.
    Also along with all others, we had kept you informed periodically about all the activities which are happening at XS Real Padur project.
    How is it logically possible for us to offer you an apartment at a price point which is lower than what customers in block A, C or the erstwhile P4 have paid? Will it not harm the interest of other people who had booked with us?
    Especially when, in the meantime, a number of other people had purchased from us at various price points between Rs 2770 and 3450?
    Please understand Shruthi, as a responsible developer we are duty bound to take care of the interest of all customers equally and collectively.
    You always had the option of deciding what to do with your investment, yet I am thankful for your continued involvement in XS Real Padur.
    Shruthi, XS Real never wanted to send away customers who had booked at low prices. If that was our intention we would never even be in communication with people after they had cancelled. Even though you had cancelled, are we not offering, the same apartment, at the same price which you had booked in March 2007?
    We would humbly like to know, where we have done any crookedness.
    We had told all homebuyers who had booked with us that this is a pre launch and as such construction dates could vary based on the ground realities. People accepted and have booked at the attractive price levels offered.
    Just because the project has not taken off, it is patently unjust to call us crooks.
    Please look at the actions we have taken..
    Have people been periodically informed about the delay? Yes. We had informed.
    Were attempts been made to rectify the delay situation? We had and we continue to take actions.
    People who had wanted to leave- was there some compensation offered? We had offered a reasonable 8% interest on their booking deposit from the date of their booking till the date of their withdrawal.
    People who have booked at the earlier prices continue to have their bookings at the same price itself- without a single rupee increase. In fact we had informed every single customer who had or had to cancel also about the same apartments being offered to them at the same price as before.
    Shruthi, we understand your pain and frustration. Within reasonable limits we would always want to satisfy customers. Our only recourse left today is to provide you with a magnificent apartment which you would feel truly proud of. I am sure by the time Bella Tuscany takes shape and you visually experience it, all the present ill feelings would melt away like a bad dream.
    Thank you once again for bringing your grievance to us.
    Vice President – Marketing

  9. viewer

    In response to Suresh comments:
    “Just because the project has not taken off, it is patently unjust to call us crooks.
    Please look at the actions we have taken..
    Have people been periodically informed about the delay? Yes. We had informed.
    Were attempts been made to rectify the delay situation? We had and we continue to take actions.
    People who had wanted to leave- was there some compensation offered? We had offered a reasonable 8% interest on their booking deposit from the date of their booking till the date of their withdrawal.”

    I am just a reader on this web site. I have no connections with any one. You guys are crooked. Because informing people there is a delay does not absolve you. Keeping the prices same or paying 8% interest is not doing favors. There is a huge opportunity cost (financial and emotional) involved to the buyer. This problem seems to be systemic in India. Why is there a delay in the first place. Blaming it on getting approvals is not an answer. You should not be marketing and doing stupid pre launch stuff without approvals. First thing it should be made illegal in India. Even if guys are not breaking the law, ethically and morally you are stinking.

  10. Ram

    Wow… I’m impressed by your responsiveness Mr.Suresh. Kudos to you for keeping your cool, and refuting the points professionally.

    Now, Sruthi, whats the real story?

  11. Dear Viji,Vaidyanathan, and Viewer,
    I agree with you 100%. Without having approvals and be in a position to start construction, it is not correct to do Pre- launches.

    But not all Pre launches are done with any crookedness in mind.

    See- there are different shades of developers. There are developers who have not even acquired land and yet do pre launches. There are others who have not even applied for government sanctions, yet do Pre Launches.

    Then are others who have tied up the land, applied for Approvals, followed up with Institutions concerned for the Approvals and only then Pre Launch.( If you ask me whether this is a fine thing to do, with hindsight, I`d say no. But in the past, if approvals were forthcoming within a reasonable period of time, say 3 to 4 months, Companies do take this risk.)

    Take our case in XS Real. We had completed land registration of the land needed for Padur Project, In the name of our SPV, Helios Estate Private Limited, by August 2006. We had applied for Approvals with Directorate of Town and Country Planning by September 2006.Normally the Approvals take 3 to 4 months. We were expecting the Fee Order in December 2006 and so we launched the Project in December 2006.( Fee Order is the Order given by the concerned authorities asking the Company to pay development charges. This is issued only after all queries have been properly answered and all due diligence completed. Once the Fee Order is issued and payments made, then there is generally only a procedural time gap before approvals are passed on from DTCP or CMDA to the Local Body, and then to the Company. 99% – if the Fee Order is through then the approval is through.)
    We had planned our public launch on January 18 2007, confident that the approval would be ready by the time of the public launch. In fact we even released two large corporate advertisements in The Hindu and the Economic Times, during the first half of January 2007!

    To repeat what I had mentioned before, we had given home buyers, as much information as possible before the bookings were accepted. Front Elevations, Floor Plans, Detailed Specifications, Payment Schedule, Detailed Price Lists, Location Maps Site Maps etc., We had also told every body that the approvals had not yet come but were expected soon.

    Then the delays struck. Let me not go into it again. This link should illustrate one of the reasons.

    Vaidhyanathan, at least in our case there was no working capital augmentation through Pre Launches. Our finances were tied up and we had already started spending huge sums of our own money. In Padur, the entire property was levelled and elevated. We had started laying large internal roads 60 feet wide, crisscrossing the property. The roads are there even today. We had started constructing a model apartment and marketing office. We had tied up with large contractors, architects and landscaping companies…… and so on and so forth. In fact we have to take up the road work afresh.

    One of the most expected events for 2008 in our Industry is the Appointment of a Regulator on the lines of SEBI for the Financial Markets, TRAI for Telecom and IRDA for Insurance. As a Real Estate Organisation following right corporate practices, we welcome such a Regulator. I personally believe once a Regulator come on then Pre Launches could cease.

    Viewer asks why there is a delay in the first place. Hopefully the Regulator could speed up approval sanctioning time as well. I am sure every one from the Industry would in one voice be welcoming such an eventuality!

    Regarding such happenings not present in the Western Markets…I am not too sure. The entire sub prime crises and fallout has happened because the Realty Players, Sub prime buyers, lenders, Large Banks, Institutions and Securitisation Agencies had over looked Norms and Regulations. Ultimately individual Real Estate Companies and individual buyers must be conscientious and diligent.

    However, as you all have pointed out we shall definitely adopt corrective measures from now on.

    I tender my respectful thanks to all those who had taken time to respond to my posts.Special thanks to you, Ram, for your comments.

    Vice President- Marketing
    XS Real Properties Private Limited

  12. Maya

    Irrespective of what Suresh from xsreal claims, if we as investors had invested the money elsewhere, instead of waiting for 1.5 yrs for the approval, we could have bought an apt in some other project and probably rented it out now. But after waiting so long, we are back to square one and still have the same uncertainities that existed few months ago. What is the guarantee that they will finish the project in 18 months, as promised? Not just xsreal, all builders do pre-launch stuff without getting proper approvals and then subject their customers to mental torture.

    I live in Dallas, USA and things are so well defined here in terms of real estate transactions. There is no indefinite waiting time, no fuss regarding anything. Customers come first, if a customer is dissatisfied, the management try to do the max to satisfy them. Instead in India, every builder tries to put themselves first and Xsreal is no exception to this. I have heard so many other stories about other builders like Jains, Shobha and also Xsreal.

    Just because they kept informing their customers about the delay and just because they paid their customers their interest on the deposit, it doesnt mean that XSreal did their job truthfully. They should honestly reduce the price or discount the price for people who booked with them, if they claim to be a customer-centric organization. Are they saying that the mental torture the customers underwent after they booked their apartment is worth nothing?

  13. Shruti

    On hindsight, you can give a million excuses to support your case. However, clearly, you missed the ball on this one. You forced us to bail out in Jan’08 after several months of inactivity on this project. And, as stated in my message earlier, you did jack up the price by more than 40% in the first few weeks of the launch.

    I sent an email expressing my interest to buy an apt in mid-Feb and I got a response stating you are planning to do the next launch in mid-March and you are still working out the details. Meanwhile first week of March I received an email stating the price of the apt is now Rs 3975/ per sq ft. I was totally baffled and shocked by the increase in price. Since I couldnt afford the new price hike and since I also felt that the increase in price was unjustifiable, I bailed out. I communicated to you that I will not be able to proceed further with my booking.

    Later Mar 27th 2007, I received an email stating the new price for apts is Rs 3475/- per sqft. That is when I booked my apartment with you on Mar 29th 2007. To reiterate my point, I did get back to you within 2 weeks of your launch date, but the prices were already up. Eventually, the prices softened to 3475/- per sq ft around end of March and I booked my apartment during that time.

    Please find the email from XSreal marketing about the launch of P4 for Rs 3975/ below.

    (BTW, I have all those emails. They are facts. I’m posting one of those launch price emails here)

    I do appreciate the fact that you are patiently responding to the queries from frustrated customers of xsreal. But what is lost(in money, time and trust) cannot be gained by excuses and patient responses to email with partial/tweaked information. If a customer trusted a company(say xsreal) during difficult times, then, the company should treat such customers well. I am not asking you to be partial to one customer. I am voicing my opinion on behalf of every customer who trusted xsreal with their money, time, dreams and trust over the past year. Period.

    You probably have happy customers from your previous projects, I am not refuting that. But clearly on this one (Padur), there are lots of unhappy customers and you are not doing anything to help the case.

    Here is one of the mails from xsreal.. Clearly the pricing information was not communicated correctly.

    EMAIL from XSREAL:
    Dear homebuyers,

    Most of you know by now, that our Padur Neighbourhood project is just round the corner from an official launch. In fact, we have completed the sale of one precinct of 80 apartments and are getting ready with the next precinct, to open up for the launch. Some of you have missed out or have chosen to refrain from booking an apartment in the precinct gone by- precinct 05.

    Here is an opportunity for you to get an apartment before the official launch– a select number of apartments in precinct 04 is being offered now at a very special price to the launch. Do cash in on this situation to get a Bungalow Apartment in your name.

    In case you are not up to date, the going price in that location is Rs.4000/-+ per sq.ft and is expected to climb northwards further…

    Let me refresh you about our Padur Neighbourhood…

    XS Real – Padur is a 34 acre residential neighbourhood development project by XS Real, on the IT Expressway (also known as Old Mahabalipuram Road), the third property after Hindustan Engineering College, on the left side of the IT Expressway. It is diagonally opposite to Scope International and a stone’s throw before Chettinad Hospital, a 1000 bed hospital and medical college promoted by M.A.M. Ramaswamy Group.

    GIC RE (Government of Singapore Investment Corporation) a US$ 100 billion, global investment management company (which manages Singapore’s foreign reserves) has joined hands with XS Real through its group company, to form an SPV to develop this world class `Neighbourhood Project at Padur, IT expressway

    GIC RE, which has huge property investment in North America, Europe and Asia including landmark assets like AT&T Corporate Center in Chicago and Shiodome City Center in Tokyo, has selected XS Real, as its maiden Indian partner out of a whole gamut of property development companies across India.

    To know more about GIC RE, please click the link below:

    Like all XS Real Projects, this one also will have a central architectural theme as its inspiration.

    Unlike regular townships, this project is a `neighbourhood development’ project. This means that instead of one large development of many towers, XS Real Padur will have several independent land parcels inside the 34-acre plot. Each of the land parcels or precincts as they are known shall be self-contained.

    Typically each precinct shall have anywhere between 50 to 200 apartments with their own swimming pool, indoor games area, children’s play area, landscaped garden area etc. In other words this neighbourhood is a collection of several independent communities all strung together, unified by similar developmental and aesthetic standards.

    Apart from specific facilities inside each precinct, there shall be broad areas of, well connected 60 feet roads, exquisite landscaping including a foliage park, water bodies including a man made lake, a large club, possibly a small kindergarten school and a host of essential commercial establishments to make life in this neighbourhood, enjoyable, painless and hassle free.

    When you buy in one of the precincts you get to enjoy all the amenities inside your precinct as well as the specialties outside, in the neighbourhood.

    You are part of the whole neighborhood, yet you have a special identity as part of a smaller community.

    As usual at an attractive, `special’ price of Rs.3975/- per sq.ft. Less than the launch, price!

    The link below contains location map, site plan, floor plans of apartments, price list, payment schedule and specifications of A Block (eastern wing) apartments. There is tremendous interest, now that we have started our media campaign in popular newspaper media.

    Please book your apartment immediately and join the rapidly growing XS Real Padur family.

    To facilitate NRI Bookings we have the swift codes ready for instant money transfer.

    You may download the following link and have a clear view as to the proposed development.

    Do revert as soon as possible with your queries and bookings. And most importantly, we accept booking only with an advance of Rs. 5 lakhs.

  14. kalyan

    Atleast , Xs Real has now , in feb 2009 , completed 50% of bella tuscany and I have inspected it . It looks good . And I intend to pay an advance shortly . Hopefully, there is no price increase till possession is given officially :!

  15. kattu

    Kalyan… RE trumphet…you jump on to all builders post and the same kind of message. How many flats you have booked so far. I am not sure about what Suresh from XS Real is try to say… ” When everything was in papaer how the input material affected XS Real. Only god knows.” Suesh look for a new job…all of you RE guys will on street soon.

  16. Ramkumar


    planning to book an apartment in XS real amity project. Is it the right choice? Pls guide us.

  17. Sujata

    As everyone we were scouting for a house and came upon Bella Tuscany the project by XS real. When we went to view the apartment we say construction work on in full swing. However we were distracted from Bella Tuscany by their other project Fairsquare as the all inclusive cost for a 1136 3bed was coming to about 27L. We went ahead and booked with Fairsquare and paid the advance money as well. However till date there has been no further communication from XS real and when we went on 9th Aug 2009 to the site we were very confused to see that the place wore a deserted look with only the security guards around. Construction for Bella was not happening at all and I was initially told that it would be ready to occupy by Dc 2009!!??!! What is happening here?

  18. Rajug

    Has any one booked in xs real la celeste project ?

  19. Dear Sujata,

    Bella Tuscany will be delivered in December 2009.

  20. Sam

    Hi Suresh,

    As i type this comment in january, bella tuscany was never deilvered in december, am not sure when it will be delivered as the site reflects that most of the external work needs to be completed, If you deliver it as early as january , it will be possible that u might strip some of the promised facilities just to uphold ur brand name, now what link and justification u are gonna make for that


  21. Senthil

    Anybody else having issues with the relaunched bella tuscany padur project,I am having difficulties is getting a straight answer from the Xs real people on the Infrastructure fees,VAT and Service Tax

  22. rajkumar

    dear mr suresh or any one
    1)Are you still employed in xs real?
    2)Mr senthil have you got your answers?
    3)Whether the GIC tie up still exist as on date?
    4)what is the status of new projects in IMR padur?
    5) ms sruthi is your brother still with xs real?

  23. Hi,

    I am planning to buy a flat in XS real Vibe, Pallikaranai. Have any body booked there?

  24. Jaya

    Vanita have u booked at XS real vibe???? I would like to know if anybody else has booked there????

  25. Karthika

    I bought apartment in Xs Real, Amity in Padur. I just signed for land registration and SBI loan registration and relocated to USA in Oct-2009 (Immediately after document execution). when I returned to India in Jun-11 – could not believe that my apartment is ready to occupy and the financial transaction was simply superb. In fact, I got around Rs,50,000 prompt pay discount – Thanks to SBI. End of the day – all are in business and I liked this deal and worked out well, may be six months delay in handover.

  26. Praveen

    For any query regarding the XS Real Harmony Padur . Your all queries are welcome . Mail me or call me 9381760706 . I am not from Xs real . I owned the flat in X real  harmony project .

  27. ganesh

    does anyone know the reason behind delay in xs real harmony proj?
    i booked an apart there and waiting for its completion

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