Porur to OMR via Velachery

Its difficult to ask your friends to take photos and send it. Well finally i succeeded in doing so. Reducing the photo resolution and uploading it is a big task with poor internet speeds. Uploading some pictures and i am still trying to find a better way to load photos in this blog.

Meanwhile enjoy your brief chennai moments


  1. Prasanna

    I have atlast purchased a flat in navin builders in ramapuram.Is there any yahoo group or so can some one let me know pls?The project name is navin subhamangla

  2. sensex

    Can you give me more information. Where exactly is Ramapuram and how far is it to OMR; What area options they have and what are ths prices. I am looking but am not in India now. Thanks

  3. Prasanna

    Ramapuram is 3kms from kathipara junction.This project is almost complete they have few apartments left out 1434 sq ft would cost u 66 lakhs approximate.For OMR it would be far i think!!!

  4. senthil

    TN CREDAI sets up grievance redressal forum
    The Tamil Nadu chapter of Confederation of Real Estate Developers’ Associations of India (CREDAI), in order to provide realty promoters and consumers a platform to resolve disputes, has come up with a forum for grievance redressal. When asked about it, Prakash Challa, President, CREDAI Tamil Nadu, said, “It will be a four-member committee but as of now we have appointed only three members – S.C.M. Jamaldeen of Jamals Housing (also Vice President, CREDAI), Sumanth Subramaniam of Sumanth and Co. (Treasurer, CREDAI) and M.S. Rajamanickam of Vasanth Builders. The fourth member will be appointed soon. The decision to set up such a committee was unanimously taken by CREDAI members at our last meeting on December 30”.
    The committee would be in charge of handling complaints in favour of consumers against the builders who are CREDAI members. Disputes will be addressed in the form of consultations in the shortest possible time and the decision that the committee takes would bind both the builders as well as the consumers. The dispute redressal forum will be charging a fee for its services, informed Challa.
    On the necessity to initiate a builders’ dispute redressal mechanism, Challa said, “We get many complaints from customers. If these issues go to courts, it will take a lot of time for settlement. Further, CREDAI’s objective is to ensure a high level of transparency and fair practices in property transactions. Our members mooted the idea of forming a dedicated forum to handle disputes about a year ago but only now are we able to achieve it. All the members are signatories to this decision”.

  5. Raj

    All Hiranandani Upscale owners are request to join the yahoo group upscale_chennai.


    Thanks to chennai metro blogs

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