Plots for Sale at Porur

Considering the current situation with RE, i feel an investment in Land is much better than flats. Check out this offer from Lakshmi vilas bank. Direct sale from them and you can own a flat for around 27 Lakhs(1800 sq ft). Its right near DLF but not sure on the exact location.



  1. I wonder how an airport expansion plan in the future might affect these plots in Maxworth Nagar. You can literally see the ATC tower, the airport etc. from the residential neighborhoods behind the L&T and DLF. It’s

  2. Tin Tin

    Surprising to see the Advert from LVB re: plots for ‘sale’ . Is it worth buying thru LVB for 35 Lakhs / ground ? whats the market rate in that area ?

    Any clue on ‘Minimum reserve price’ ? Do we need to bid for these plots ?
    If to bid, what price do you recon to ‘offer’ ?

    Tin Tin

  3. Good point badri. We need to be careful that no where it is near Airport project.

    May be LVB wants to wash with bad assets. I am not aware of where Max worth nagar is located? I may be wrong.

    Tin Tin, So much questions from you :) Please do your home work prior to going for the same. I just saw yesterday night and not aware of much details. Phone numbers are there for you to call and enquire.

  4. C S Chitra

    pls share me with more details

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