Plots at Kancheepuram

I just happened to notice a interesting article written by one Mr. Venkat in his blogs. It talks about plots in Kancheepuram. If you dont have the money to invest in big ticket projects floated recently, then i would advice you to invest you hard earned money in plots. A plot has more appreciation than apartments. Off course there are pain areas but instead of not investing in any forms of real estates, i would urge one to invest and have atleast one plot in Hand.


I earlier wrote about the fact that I was looking for plots in and around Kancheepuram. I briefly talked about my interest in buying a piece of land in Kancheepuram here and also listed couple of reasons for the same.

I have visited Kancheepuram for atleast 3 times in the last one month to look at various options. I normally go along with my friends who are also interested in buying land in Kancheepuram. It also brings in different views/perspective to the whole exercise, which is very important.

Read the full article here


  1. Ajai


    I have few queries regarding the Plots marketed by employee welfare society, Visited the place yesterday,

    1) R they reliable source to buy the plot.
    2) Have you purchased any plots?
    3) Why they are two different guideline values for these projects.
    4) Any comments and Advice regarding the plot

  2. I have no clue ajai,

    I think is for land. Land is always worth any day. So make sure of the points rised above and go ahead. I did not make any investment in plots any where.

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