Please help if you can

Master Mirthuhariraj (photo attached) of Kovilpatti is looking for some good hearts to save his life. He is suffering from Blood Cancer, it’s in the initial stage and since he is a 6 months kid Doctors have given high hope to cure the disease and
save him.He is getting treatment(blood pruification process) in Trivandrum Cancer Research Centre, initial 2yrs as Inpatient and 3yrs as outpatient. His family is in need of financial help for the medical expenses. Please help for the same at your convenience.

This is not one another forward mail.This kids family is personally well known to me.

ICICI Acct for money transfer
Acct Name V.Mariswaran
Acct No 007701500959

Any suggestions would be appreciable. Thanks in Advance for the helping hands.

Additional Info

Master Name : V.Mirthuhariraj
Father’s name : M.Venugopal
Mothers name : V.Muthulakshmi
Address : 1003 Main road Lakshmipuram post Kovilpatti
Father occupation : Clerk in Auditor Office
Monthly Income : 2500 To 3000
Expect Amount : Rs. 5,00,000
Hospital : Medical College Research Cancer Centre Tiruvanthapuram
Doctor Name : Dr Kusumakumari



  1. SV

    I would suggest the family to contact Shobha Warrier (the rediff editor who helped collect donations for Mekala and Ganapathy). This is her email id I wish the little one a speedy recovery!

  2. Thanks SV for the information. I would try to contact her

  3. Prasad

    Can you please send me a mail on which branch of ICICI where the account is held so that i can transfer it directly or send a demand draft. please reply me to

  4. uday

    Thanks Prasad, It right there in the article.
    Acct Name V.Mariswaran
    Acct No 007701500959

  5. Prasad

    Sorry to distrub you again i am not able to find the pincode in the address

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