Please help if you can

I just got this forwaded mail. Please help if you can.

I am approaching you all with a request to help me in saving the life of my younger sister who is fighting an advanced stage of Breast Cancer Stage III, she needs immediate medical attention before it is too late.

My sister Vandana Asthana, age 35 yrs and mother of two small kids, has developed advanced stage of Breast Cancer which is called Infiltrating Duct Carcinoma stage III in medical parleyance. She has been immediately referred to Tata Memorial Hospital,Mumbai for treatment. Her line of treatment is six sets of Chemotherapy followed by Surgery ( complete removal of breast) and follow on Chemotherapies.

Unfortunately, another test confirms the malignity of tumors which is known as Cerb B2 and found score3 and it has complicated the chemotherapy. To destroy this malignity, a drug by the name Herceptin is to be given alongwith Chemotherapy. Roughly 10-12 dosage of Herceptin to be given pre and post surgery alongwith Chemo and the cost of one dose itself is around 1-1.25 lacs. The complete treatment requires roughly 18- 20 lacs of expenses which includes chemo, Herceptin drug and surgery.

I alongwith my brother in law are in the process of raising funds as these expenses are totally beyond our reach. However, both of us have somehow managed to raise 8-10 lacs but still short of required expenses of treatment. As a desperate attempt to save life not only of my sister but to rescue the family, I was contemplating of approaching the philanthropists within and outside Satyam.

I urge all our philanthropists to contribute generously as small contributions can even lead to big amount considering the size of our organization. Contribution may please be made through any of the following modes:

Online: ICICI Bank A/c 004801558518 ( Brajesh Khare, Secunderabad)

Cheque: Brajesh Khare and forward to Satyam Computers, 14 Langford Avenue, Lalbagh Road, Bangalore-560025

Cash: Pl call me on my mobile no. 09341832323 to make arrangement to collect the same.


  1. Anbudan

    Cheater from Andra guy…go and ask in the company

  2. uday


    Are you sure, do you know which company he works for. ?

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