First know causality of metro rail in Chennai. While we welcome developments, some cause loss to the people living around these developments. I wrote about such land acquisitions long time back and now we are hearing about this. Hope every thing goes fine for alandur residents.


Respected Sir,

Sub: Metro Rail project with funding assistance from Japan Bank for International Co-operation (JBIC) – Seek your help to protect our Residential houses at Thiruvalluvar Nagar, Alandur, Chennai – 600016, South India as per your JBIC’s Environmental & Social considerations.

We the residents of Thiruvalluvar Nagar, Alandur, Chennai – 600016, South India – the Project Affected Families (PAF) approach you without any other alternative except to seek your intervention to protect our residential houses and avoid displacement.

Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) a unit of Delhi Government (India) formed a Joint Venture with State Government of Tamil Nadu for commencing a Metro Rail project with funding arrangement from Japan Bank for International Co-operation (JBIC). Kindly refer JBIC projects currently under screening process – Ref No.2008-0088 dated May20,2008 – Category “ A ” – Chennai Metro Project.

We understand that a plan is under preparation to develop a metro rail station at St.Thomas Mount (Chennai – 600016) – near to our residential houses. To have reversal of the metro train engine/shunting purposes, DMRC developed a plan by considering additional 500 metres towards west end of the station where all our houses are there. There is a wide distance from the existing railway line to the public road, DMRC can utilise the Railway land or its own state government land instead of our displacements.

In a PUBLIC MEETING held by the Tamilnadu Government, when a specific question was raised by one among the PAF, whether houses at our area i.e. Thiruvalluvar Nagar will be affected by the proposed St.Thomas Mount metro station, the officials clarified that the houses at Thiruvalluvar Nagar will not be affected. The same was telecasted in various TV news channels too.

While we do not oppose this project, we object disturbance of our houses. For a proper appreciation and understanding of nature of objections and the scope

thereof, we hereby recapitulate, in brief, the facts leading to the filing of these objections:-

1. The PAFs are located in Thiruvalluvar Nagar, Alandur, Chennai – 600016 (Bound on the South by Railway track, North by M.K.N. Road, East by SRMCTC Trust land and West by Thillaiganga Nagar Subway).

2. The mentioned PAFs are living in these legally approved 27 residential plots by Government of Tamilnadu for the last 45 years with their families for 3 generations.

3. Total number of families is around 60 with total number of people close to 500.

4. Number of people mentioned above includes close to 75+ Senior Citizens who served the country either in State/Central Government departments and have put in their entire life savings and obtained loans to construct house on their plots.

5. The above plots were developed after obtaining all necessary government building plan approvals and PAFs spent lot of their hard earned money to represent their basic amenities required to local body.

6. The latest amenity to be added after a long waiting was the underground sewage pipeline which was laid with Public Private Partnership.

7. The roads were concreted recently rebuilt with tax payers money.

8. The PAFs are a close set of people belonging to different communities (including minorities) living in a harmonious situation.

9. The PAFs have developed the land which was earlier an agricultural land converted to approved residential layout.

10. The Tamilnadu Government earmarked the land for residential purposes and the land was affirmed by settlement deed.

11. The PAFs are law abiding citizens with no criminal record and stand as a model community appreciated by Alandur municipality and local police station officials.

12. Due to mental trauma to PAF, few may tend to commit suicide if they lose their houses.

We believe that below mentioned alternatives thought by us will at least lead DMRC & CMRL to look into an alternative plan which will avoid land acquisition

and displacement of people in Thiruvalluvar Nagar, Alandur, Chennai – 600016 and these alternatives were submitted to them.

Alternative 1: Build the proposed line for parking/shunt in between proposed Alandur metro Station and St.Thomas Mount Station

Alternative 2: Build the proposed line for parking/shunt in the vacant land between Proposed St.Thomas Mount metro station and Thiruvalluvar Nagar and by optimal usage of Government land (police quarters is currently being constructed) adjacent to open vacant compounded land

Alternative 3: Build the proposed line for parking/shunt in areas adjacent to proposed Alandur station or involving the public road and railway land.

Alternative 4: A huge open space used presently as military golf ground available close to proposed Alandur metro station could be used to build the proposed line for parking/shunt

While we are not experts in this field, we are confident that you will advise the DMRC to utilise the excess land available and also to carry out field visit to develop plan as per the land availability instead of disturbing the houses.

Seeking your intervention and instruction to the concerned officials for rendering maximum cooperation and help.

Thanking you,


S.Venkatachalapathy – Email : Mobile No.09840042910
V.V.Santharaman – Email : Mobile No.093203 60100

Other Email ids of the residents :,,,,,,

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  1. kausikan

    Dear All,

    I am one of the resident of Alandur.

    Neither the officials at chennai metro rail project nor in the website, there is no clear information regarding which streets/locations will be affected in alandur. As it seems that major portion of alandur will be affected by this project.

    As well said in the appeal letter the polo ground may be used for this purpose without affecting the residents of alandur.

    Since alandur is in small size covered one side railway line and another with GST road, as the residents we are very much concern about the area to be affected for the proposed metro rail project.

    I request to the residents of alandur to represnet to the concern authorities through the chairman of alandur municipality so that to find alternative route for the project with out affecting the area.


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