Plaza Tranquil Acres -Kovilambakkam – Rs 3500 / sq ft

Got few startup snaps of Plaza Tranquil Acres -Kovilambakkam. Initial price was Rs 3100 and now increased to Rs 3500 after they obtained the approval.


  1. Gopi

    In most of the apartments, I have seen in Chennai, bathroom and toilet drainage from a floor directly goes down to the next floor and joins the main drainage. Something like, 3rd floor toilet drainage goes into 2nd floor toilet and then joins the main drainage which can be seen at 2nd floor ceiling. They have put a false ceiling in bathrooms. When asked about, they say it is the latest trend…

    But in Bangalore, most of the apartments I have seen, use sunken slab or raise floor to make sure that the bathroom drainage joins the main drainage directly in the same floor.

    Is that trend really advanced/latest. Why doesn’t this technique not adopted by builders in Bangalore or by reputed builders (ETA / LnT etc) in Chennai itself ??

  2. noname

    Because chennai is chennai and bangalore is bangalore

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