Planning a Spring Trip? Use, to the best

I was busy the whole of last week getting ready for my parents visit here and arranging for trips with in US. One thing i noticed is its hard to plan for a economical trip considering i have 5 people to take care instead of regular 2. Car trips are economical but too much of stress on old people.

While surfing for good hotel deals in NY, NJ regions, i found that all hotels were priced way above my budget and since it was 2 rooms instead of 1, it went way above the roof. It was by chance that i discovered a website site which help me to get cheap hotels in NJ-EWR region and i thought, it would be nice to share it to our readers.

You can use or to get a excellent deal on hotels or flights. These sites have forums which tells us on the recent or wins for hotels or flights.

I particularly like bid your own price which allows you to tell your own price. I went to to figure out which hotel i am likely to get for the * rating mentioned in priceline and i could easily guess what hotel i might end up blindly booking. It worked out well for me since i was sure i would end up in HILTON or HYATT EWR for a 3* bid and i finally got Hilton in EWR for $55 a room instead of regular $150++.

Go thro the forums, read the recent win experiences and read the reviews which would help you to bid and win the hotels of your choice. Plan a ahead and save huge.


  1. Prem Kumar

    Thanks for sharing. I’ll try them for my future trips. Have been using or till now for flight tickets.

  2. Swetha has given me the best travel deal always. They also have Indian service launched –

  3. Yes Prem, I have being using Sidestep for quite some time, I found that hotels that is offered by sidestep or kayak is available for almost 50% discount thro BID YOUR OWN PRICE. the key to success is to go for higher * star rating hotels and lower bid price typically 45%-50% of the price offered by sidestep.

    you can narrow the deals thro sites. good luck

  4. Satheesh

    Yes, I have been a loyal priceline customer for a while(almost 4 years). I always get the best hotels for 30% of the hotel’s advertised low. I got a 4* for $50/night in Las Vegas for two days last New Years. Vegas baby, Vegas.

  5. SV

    Uday, Thanks for sharing this information with us. I used it to make reservations for our summer trips this year. Incredible Savings!!

  6. uday

    SV, Thats nice to hear

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