Phoenix Market City raises in Chennai at Velachery

Phoenix raises in style at Velachery. By far, this is the biggest and spacious mall i have seen in Chennai. Phoenix should beat Express Avenue hands-down.

Walk area is spacious, big brands. First time i am seeing so many branded jewelers in a mall ( GRT, Malabar, Nathella etc) and saree biggies like RMKV.

With Sathyam Cinemas about to start, this should be one of the hottest malls in Chennai.

The crest apartments is coming up nicely and i thought who ever invested here did a smart move. One need not move out of his home for shopping

Big Bazaar, Pantaloon, Reliance Digital, Croma,host of mobile shops, opticals and Gadget shops are already operational.

One area which i found it bit disappointing was the food court, i thought it was bit cramped. It was too smoky and cramped. Need to wait till the food court is fully completed.

But i found numerous food cafe’s which are about to get opened there.


  1. anantha

    Looks beautiful

  2. Velachery is a good area in chennai city. I saw this mall its very amazing there is a jewellery shops clothing shops are branded.

  3. M,D,Jayabalan

    It must be made clear that visitors may get down from vehicles at the entry point which in fact is the third floor of the building. When they want to get out they should not try to go out from the point of entry, because the vehicles drive out through another gate leading to the 100 ft road at 90 degrees. Remember that you are walking into the mall at the third floor. there are two floors at the basement. the entire family must take the lift from the third floor to their respective parking lot.
    There must be clear sign boards. The employees there are not clear about certain things.

  4. M,D,Jayabalan

    Remember you are entering at the third floor (ground floor). There are two floors in the basement. Cars are parked at a separate lace. to return you must take the lift at the third floor to go to parking lit. Better take your family. The exit is on another road. You enter from Velacherry Main road and come out through 100 ft road. CLEAR SIGN BOARDS ARE NECESSARY.

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