perungudi stinks

I have seen and still seeing smoke and now more people are getting affected. Frankly a close relative of mine who lives in a good apartment there in Thoraipakkam is suffering from breathing problems because of polluted air.

A committee appointed by the Madras high court, which came for an inspection to the Perungudi sewage treatment plant (STP) on Tuesday night, was met by angry residents, who have been facing health problems reportedly due to the gases emnating from the plant.

M Harinath, the four-yearold-son of Manohar, an IT professional in Perungudi, woke up recently with breathing difficulty. He was rushed to the family doctor. But Harinath was not suffering from any ailment. His symptoms match those of more than 1,000 residents in Perungudi. The cause, according to residents: gases released from the STP.
The objective of setting up the STP in Perungudi was to ensure that it did not affect people in the city. However, the growth of Perungudi as an industrial township upset all plans. The Chennai Metropolitan Water Supply and Sewage Board (CMWSSB), which runs the plant, upgraded it about three months ago and officials termed its running as “efficient.” However, residents near the plant said they were unable to bear the stench of gases released from the unit.
“The smell persists between midnight and 5 am. Some of us get throat pain regularly. The elders have giddy spells and cough from time to time,” said Palanivel Rajan, a resident.
“I believe it is the hydrogen sulphide that is causing the sickness. Every morning, we wake up to the foul smell. The negligence on part of Metrowater needs to be stopped before it seriously affects people. We called the Metrowater phone number to complain, but there was no proper response,” Rajan said.
P Balakumar, an IT professional, said residents had submitted a petition to an expert committee on the Pallikaranai marsh, which had met two months ago. “When we complained to Metrowater officials, but they gave excuses, saying, for example, that maintenance work was going on or that the generator was not working,” he said.
CMWSSB officials said they had planted saplings in the STP premises to reduce the smell. “We built the plant on the city’s outskirts so that the gases would not affect people. But houses were built around the plant. There is bound to be stench from STPs as dirty water is treated. If residents say that the stink lasts only for a few hours in the morning, then it may be due to the wind,” a senior official said. He added that the smell emanated more from the dumping yard than from the STP. “Anyhow, we will probe the issue,” he said.


  1. senthil

    This area used to be a neglected area where all muncipalities around south chennai used it as the waste dumping ground for years only last 4-5 yrs it has changed. still many place in that sector is used for that purpose.. with more people moving in and court cases like the current one will change the area over time but that will take time.

  2. anonymous

    Lets take a step back and see the whole picture. The place was never inhabitable. It didnt become a dumping yard overnight. Assuming they stop dumping and start cleaning, does anyone have any idea how many years it would take to sanitise the place ? To be honest and blunt, its the greedy house owners who went there inspite of knowing the problem. Am really sorry to add salt to the wound. But its just the fact. Cut your loses atleast now, vacate your houses and move to an inhabitable place. My sympathies are with you. But my common sense says it will be atleast a decade before it becomes a clean place. Good luck

  3. manic

    Already Environmentalists has forced govt to stop the burning & dumping issue. They should do the same with Perungudi sewage treatment plant (STP).

  4. Reens

    The situation of the residents spread across perungudi are very pathetic by two menaces at the backyards, the garbage dumping yard and the sewerage treatment plant , the stinking can be felt even near the Toll plaza and its creating a lot of health problems to people around this place. Dumping still continues and the STP is as always a big headache spreading dirty smell. Hope the authorities converned realise the problems faced by the residents and bring an end to this 2 big problems.

  5. vasan

    I know that area… Everybody wants STP to go. It will happen with court cases pending. That’s why they are behind committee members with all kind of stories.

    But i think lot of people are commenting without any knowledge of that area. And comments like ‘stinking can be felt even near the toll plaza’ is off the limits. I think people should comment if they know the facts. I think they write their own version of story after seeing newspaper article.

    I did not find any smell even when i went close to STP. Just check it up yourself.

  6. Jim

    Seems vasan is a builder holding few properties around garbage yard & STP. I am crossing the places everyday & it horribly STINKS. ITS NOT A PLACE WHERE PPL CAN LIVE. Historically used as a dumpyard & a place to route sewage of the city, not suitable for residential purposes. but ppl live there because of constraints – most of them under rent. If you really want to buy apartment avoid this area.

  7. sanjay

    I dont think perungudi will ever be cleaned up as it requires tremendous political will which is comlpetely lacking in our country



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