Patience Pays-SIP. Alternative’s to Real estate

I was deleting some old files in my system when i found a old PDF of sundaram mutual which i downloaded in 2005. Just out of curiosity i open and read the contents. It was talking about its funds. I just went to sundaram BNp website and did a NAV comparison.

I am attaching the GIF for your viewing. I have nothing much to say other than its classic case of missed opportunity for me. I was not much in stocks because my hands were tied to closing home loans. Also read what the head of the fund has said in 2005.

Look at the NAV values. way back in 2004 and today. We can make similar comparison with RE. Time and again it says to invest with a long term view. Funds NAV have jumped from 26 to 75, 22 to 75, 27 to 93, 10 to 33

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