Options in Palikarnai and Velachery-1590 sq ft flat -62L all inclusive

I recently got to know from Real value that they have sold out their Palikarnai’s project Sai Sujeet. But their other project in Palikarnai – Sai Surya has 12 more flat available out 64.
Real value is a very good builder and as of now, i did not hear any major project delays from them.

I wrote about them this Jan and i am writing again. Last time both projects were available but now its almost closed. Before deciding, visit the place, see construction progress, talk to existing buyers in that project and then close the bookings

The closing rate can be around 3500 psf and you can get a 1590 sq ft flat -62Lakhs all inclusive.
You can work out the same end price with other projects and decide. I haven’t seen the construction progress but it is should be progressing well.

Alternatively you can book Sai Skanda 2bhk in velachery for 64L all inclusive.
Please find attached the excel sheet containing price details for Sai Surya and Sai Skanda.


Contact:Siva Kumar
Real Value Promoters
98412 67243


  1. dexter

    Can you please let me know the about water logging around Sai Surya, I understand it is very near to lake and other water bodies. How much should be a reasonable rater per sq ft for Sai Surya considering the fact there’s slump in realty space.


  2. Suresh

    Anybody has seen the place around saisurya, please reply to dexter? If somebody has bought a flat in saisurya, please advise him. will slum clearance board clear the surroundings in future?

  3. Arun

    Slow progress. Promises of completion by March, 09 has officially been shifted to Dec, 09. But, in all likelihood, seems to be getting ready for handing over only after March, 2010.

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