OMR today by comet- Is it worth the toll?

Traveling in this road, i think we should get paid for doing so. Its a Irony that we are asked to pay for it and that too a hefty sum. This picture is compiled by one of the skyscapper city forum user by name COMET. Kudos to him. It says a picture speaks more than words.Shame on ITEL for coming up with a pathetic product


  1. Kumaran

    Dear Uday,

    I have been following up your blogs for quite some time, they are very informative and valuable. I would like specially thank you for your inspiration to share and the time that you invest in educating others.

    I would be greatful to you if you could help me out in my current situation in making a well informed decision.

    I am an IT guy currently based in Germany and looking for investing in plot in Chennai. I have identified two properties. One (1 ground) in OMR very near to Tamilnadu hospital. This is an excellent location for OMR IT companies. The other one (1.5 grounds) is on the Thiruverkadu main road and it is less than 0.5KM from 4 lane Ponnemalle High Road (Bangalore road). And Koyembedu bus-stand is 8 KM on the 4 lane road. This is also a good location for IT companies in Ambattur, Vadapalani, DLF in Porur and Guindy.

    Both have equally good approach roads .Both is priced around 1750 Rs per sqft. This is purely for investment and any construction is only after 7+ years.

    I and my wife both are into IT (my plan is beyond 7+ years). Given my situation, which one should I prefer OMR or Poonamalle High Road. My mind inclines for Poonamalle High Road because of more land area that is 1.5 grounds where as OMR is 1 ground.

    I am not a native of Chennai and I have only limited theoretical geographical knowledge of Chennai. Also I am out of India for many years now.

    I request Uday and other guys to say their opinion based on the ground reality and future prospects, which would help me to make an informed choice.

    I would grateful for your valuable opinions and suggestions.

    Thanks lot.

    Best Regards

  2. Dear Kumaran,

    Thanks for the mail and i would suggest you to go for porur which i feel is a better bet then OMR.

    My reason is based on the fact that OMR currently has over supply-less demand and poor infrastruture. Porur where as is well developed and proximity to 4 lane makes it more attractive. Also once the greenfield airport at sriperumbadur takes shape , it would become more attractive to stay there.

    Also you are getting more land for the same price. But 7 years is a too good period for OMR to develop well, but by then Porur would have developed even more.

    Porur should gain more importance once the flyover at porur junction is built.

    I would put my money in porur rather than OMR now.

    good luck

  3. Kumaran

    Dear Uday,

    Thanks for leting me know your opinion.


  4. Suresh

    Traffic police in Chennai loot office goers who travel via OMR. They stop vehicles for overspeeding, saying the limit is 40km. It is completely rediculous to go at 40km in a 6 lane toll road. I can’t see any sign board saying speed limit is 40km. If you pay 100 rupees to them (no bills), you can reach office without much delay, else the day is gone!

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