Observe the markets- Dont take big decisions now !!

Well by now most of you would have known Indian markets fell today. Its really scary and till the market stabilizes, i would advice to refrain from taking big decisions. While these are isolated incidents but you never know how the market would react to it.

Market movement will largely tells about the state of economy and RE’s future.  I only see this,  More fall of prices, more interest rates down, more problems for IT industry.

So watch cautiously and wait for 4 months to observe the trend.


  1. perumalraj


    I totally agree with your post. Things are so volatile in world market especially in US & India started experiencing the impact since we are exposed to global market never like before. Recent Sathyam fiasco adds fuel to existing IT sector issues.

    With respect to real estate prices, I was able to collect some information by talking to potential buyers and few known small builders/brokers. So far, Chennai has not experienced the same level of decline in prices as other major cities like Bangalore & Pune.

    Construction raw materials price has come down considerably in recent months.
    People are predicting major decline with in another 6 months because of various concrete reasons like less demand, huge supply of unoccupied existing apts, credit crunch and Layoffs.

    Better wait and watch.

  2. Gopalakrishnan


  3. Vikram

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