OBAMA Makes History- Whats Next?

Congrats Obama on a well fought victory.While he makes history, What to expect next. I feel this victory should at least do some good to stock market for a very short time. We might see fluctuation and the same can be expected from Indian markets.

I still feel valuations are so attractive in current markets. Stocks and i did not see frankly Chennai markets falling In fact i am just seeing some new projects at low rates, but predominately rates remain the same for new properties.


Second hand properties is fluctuating and in turn there are some good buys available now to grab. As i hear Obama speaking now, i only feel, it should do good for India, stocks, Jobs or Realty market. Don’t expect an recovery before second-third quarter 2009 but when it happens, are your ready??

Are you utilizing this market conditions to your advantage. Well the answer lies with you.

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