My quick visit to XS real Amity-fair square and project K. OMR tolls :(

Well, this holiday i had a quick time to visit OMR.  Well dont want to comment on that shit road. It was plain looting and no facilities. we made the mistake of travelling in a car, that too from Madhya kailash.

27km from MK and 12 km from sholingnallur. It was nice to see projects which i had blogged and taking shape. Had to cross 2 tolls one in perungudi and one near padur. Rs 34 gone. Never knew i can share the toll ticket i bought in perungudi and give it in padur or egattur toll. so we spend  68 on toll. later got to knew there was one day pass. Made a dumb mistake.

We were in a hurry and want to cover as much. Reached XS Real Amity. Its a Fairsquare brand of XS real ( . 32 acres. Bella tuscany is in the same compound. No idea why people spent 50 L for a apartment here. Too far from city. For folks in sipcot , may be its a good buy. But still i would have considered projects in perungudi and drive to sipcot.

Amity’s model apartment looked excellent. Nice space management. Price is decent. My fear now a days is completion.

Dont go into much details. It is after the toll so visitors are tolled to visit u.

Fairsquare another project is Project K which is in kovillambakkam.  No lift. but no mainteance concept apartment. Meaning each block gets a studio for free which is rented out and rent is used for maintenance. This is right opposite NITTANY DECISION SERVICES near Kelakatallai  junction.

Priced around 2900, may be its a good location but no lift proved a disadvantage for me.

Amity is a good investment, Project K upto first floor is good investment.


  1. Abu


    Thanks for taking time to give us a bit more insight in this mind boggling issue. I plan to buy an apartment somewhere close to all the IT companies or in Nungambakkam area. I am not familier about the location and just wanted to buy for investment.

    Would you guys advice me a few builders whould I should concentrate? I am totally lost with all the info and could not finialize the right place. Since I am out of country, I could not do more research on the ground.

    Appreciated very much for your help.

  2. Robert

    You need to look at land around the inner ring road (IRR) after GNT. The prices are around Rs 200 per sq.ft and before you know the prices will be appreciating. I will give some of the reasons for the appreciation i can think of.
    1. The Padi flyover will smoothen the traffic bottleneck faced and more traffic will start moving towards Ennore.
    2. More traffic means more people moving towards Kosapur, madhavaram, Ennore areas.
    3. Outer ring road has been propsed which also falls within 10 kms from the GNT/IRR Junction.
    4. Madhavaram, Kosappur, Ennore, Manali will be the next boom towns.
    5. The prices in the GST corridor are well out of reach for the common man. Resale will be a factor when the economy goes down (that is when you might have the need to sell the land and you will not be able to)
    6. Large tracts of land are being taken by the Real Estate companies. Go where the professionals go.

  3. srikumar


    I guess u should not have paid the toll twice for one way. When u get the toll at perungudi, you should use the same ticket to exit at padur. Also, when u own a home until thiruporur, you can get free pass to use the OMR road. Its a rule.So i think its a good bet at Padur.

  4. Thiyagu

    Does anybody have any idea or comments to post regarding the new project of XS Real – HARMONY.

    Please feel to share your comments.

  5. Krish

    Was wondering if there were any replies to Thiyagu’s post from March 5th, 2011?

    Additionally I wanted to know if anyone has any comments about XS Real’s SIENA project in Padur. I would appreciate if you could share your comments or experiences.

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