My Passport Perils.Tips to get passport faster

Well i am no social reformer, But just thought how good it would be if common citizens like us take up social cause and spread some awareness.Coming to point, this happened to me when i was trying to get passports for my parents and for my in-laws.Well for folks who are not aware of,we are expecting a beautiful baby girl this August and you know how difficult it is to manage here without the help of an elder.So that answers the need for passport for my in-laws.

I requested my parents and in-laws to apply for passports by Jan and as usual they took their own time and finally did apply for it by March 1st week. As per rule, well sorry there is no real rule for passport office, we should get the passport by 2 months and having anticipated a delay by one more month i thought i should get the passport by June.

We grow nervous when we did not see anything happening with their passports.I sent my father to passport office in chennai to check about his passport. ‘YOU WOULD RECEIVE IT IN ANOTHER 20 DAYS, LOT OF APPLICATION PENDING’ came the reply.

Nothing really happened after 20 days. If we check the status in passport website it would just say ‘FILE UNDER PROCESS’. why can government websites be more user friendly.

Grievance Cell may help

Not sure what struck my father, he just happened a see GRIEVANCE CELL in passport office and waited for nearly 4 hours before meeting a lady who happened to listen to my father. He is 64 and with some mention about senior citizen and all that usual things, the lady surprisingly asked for the file no and her assistant was ordered to get the files. Believe me, she signed the document in front of my father and said that passport would be dispatched by 22nd. My father asked if it was this month or next month 22nd, for which the officer just laughed.

I wondered if processing a passport is as simple as signing few documents (of course after all verifications), why is it taking 3 months for getting passports.Might be a 6-sigma project might help :)

But to our luck, my parents received their passport yesterday. As i am writing this blogs, i came to know about one more gentleman who had applied for his passport this Jan 2007 but yet to get his passport. He applied for a passport by Jan so that he could take up a group tour to Singapore by April. Obviously he missed the trip. Sad enough elders like him don’t tend to get abroad trip often.

Not sure whom to be blamed. But instead of waiting for passport to arrive it would be better if one visits the passports office to try their luck.

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