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In my previous post I did talk about how my father got his passport bit quicker, well this time its my in-laws. While we tried to take the same route as it was for my father but when we enquired at passport office I was told that they haven’t received the passport application from district passport cell where my in-laws had applied her passport this march.

Well it was almost 100 days since we applied for passport and it really irked me when I heard that Chennai Regional Passport office did not even receive the application. Angered by the entire system, I wrote 3 letters to Regional Passport Officer, Public Relation Officer, and One more person in Delhi. I found all their addresses in the passport website

It took 5 days for the letters to reach Chennai passport office. I had earlier written countless mail to all the mail ids found in the website (not sure where all those mail goes) there was not a single reply. But when I wrote letters, there was instantaneous reply to the letter by email.

Here goes my letter

From, 15-Jun-07
My US address

Regional Passport Officer
Shastri Bhavan
26, Haddows Road
Chennai – 600 006

Sub: Hardships in getting passport and corruption happening in passport office

Dear Madam,

I am Udayakumar currently residing in US. I am writing this mail after considerable thought with the hope of get some info about the passport applied for my mother-in-law and my parents.

My in-laws passport was applied on March 1st week at District collector’s office. While we insisted on Tatkal scheme for faster delivery, the officials convinced us that we would be getting the passport on normal route by June 1st week.

I do agree that expecting passport delivery faster is not possible, but I feel 3 months is fairly good time for processing passports. Also one thing that frustrates everyone here is the corruption, which is happening in passport office with brokers demanding huge bribes to speed up passport deliveries.

My father went to passport office this Monday (11-Jun-07) only to be informed that it would take another 15-20 days to deliver. There are some brokers who are government servants working at office opposite Shastri bhavan, who have free access to passport officers inside and they are into this corruption.

We are told that if we give Rs.7000 then we can get passport within 2 days. While we did not want to take this route, my sincere request to you is following.

a) Please announce exact expected dates well in advance. If we know that new passports take 4 months then we can plan accordingly.

b) I have being told that the passport delays are primarily due to huge new applications. Well this is fine; all we expect is a clear end date.
c) Please try to adopt more Internet friendly site. Every time I visit and do a status enquiry it tells me ‘YOUR FILE UNDER PROCESS’. Can we get details like when I can expect passport

d) There should be proper mail support. I have written at least 5 mails to all the mail ids found in the passport site but in vain.

My only concern is CORRUPTION is happening with brokers-officers nexus and primary reason for this is common public like me are not sure of the clear end date for passport deliveries. I don’t have any proof for corruption happening but I hope you can find that out easily once you step out at car parking lot.

Earnestly requesting you to streamline passport deliveries.

Can you please reply to my mail id if possible regarding passport delivery dates?

Thanks for your time,


Reply to my above Letter wrote: (Note down the email address. you wont find ths in website)

Dear Sir,
Please refer to your e-mail of 25th June regarding grant of passport facilities to your Mother-in-law.

The application in respect of Mrs. XYZ has been received in RPO Chennai from District Passport Cell after completion of police
verification formalities only in the middle of June 2007. However, Considering your need, the application is being processed for
dispatch. We shall furnish details of passport number, date of dispatch of passport shortly.

As regards the charges of corruption, the matter is being taken up with appropriate authorities.

Sincere efforts are being made to streamline the passport issuance system. The suggestions given by you have been noted.

for Regional Passport Officer

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  1. prabhkar

    A good and different way to speed up passport delivery.

  2. rajasekharan

    I have gone through your letter given above to RPO regarding the hardships you faced to get the passport and finally you achived the goal. This gave me courage to write a letter to RPO Mumbai to expidite the issue of passport to my daughter which she applied 75 days ago through online registration.Thank you very much

  3. Murali sankar.s

    can i know to which addresses did you send your letter . It have not received my passport and it is nearly 10 months since i applied . I have to follow your approach . could you please tell me which addresses you used . i tried visiting the link ( but there are too many addresses and i don’t know which ones to use .

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