Mukesh Ambani’s 27 Floor Extravanza

Some time back i came to know about Ambani’s new pet project. A roof for himself. Well for a man of his stature nothing could be less fitting than a 27 floor residence on the atlamount road in mumbai.While mumbai is know for its slum and population density there is our business tycoon building a 27 floor residence for himself.

The Indian sprint to modernization continues with this skyscraper only just revealed despite work having been going on on-site for months,one of the major developers in Mumbai. Residence Antilia, the scheme is being developed by Indian tycoon Mukesh Ambani, chairman of Reliance Industries who has been playing with the idea of a making a bioclimatic tower for over a decade resembling a 21st century version of the hanging gardens of Babylon.

Rising to 245 meters it will not only be a defining landmark on the Mumbai skyline in the emerging cluster on Altamount Road and one of the tallest buildings in the city, but it also sets a new standard for eco skyscrapers.The scheme contains a series of stacked tiers supported by huge structural pillars. The levels include waterfalls and massive sky-gardens that occupy entire floors plus a helipad on the roof.

Even more impressively is the outer skin of the building which in part will have a living wall – it’s been designed to have entwined plants running up to the top of it on the 40th floor which will make it a unique building and set a new world record for the tallest continuous living thing.Height fans may have noticed that the building has only 40 floors, and yet manages to reach the height it does. The reason for this is the garden levels of the building will take up almost half the height of it giving an idea of the scale of greenery involved.

The entire project is based around a central spine that draws on India Vastu philosophy symbolically leading up towards enlightenment and making the building something of a temple.Residence Antilia will be used partly as the headquarters for the Reliance Industries on the lowest floors plus parking for workers with the upper levels being the private dwelling of Ambani and his family. In-between will be levels of apartments for guests, a kitchen and laundry floor, and several leisure floors creating what is in-effect a new home for a very rich man and one of the most impressive private residences in the world with building facilities, lack of dungeon aside, more resembling that of a medieval monarch than a modern home.

Construction has been underway in Mumbai for several months and completion is anticipated sometime in November 2008.Just reminds of Sivaji’s sayings ‘ RICH GET RICHER, POOR GET POORER :(


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