Mahindra AQUALILY -Mahindra City. Villas, Twin houses and Apartments

Mahindra Lifespaces is all set to launch their new project AQUALILY in Chennai. Right on the GST road inside Mahindra city is this big project coming up. The offerings are Villa’s, Twin Houses and Apartments. I am still waiting for the prices.

Took some pain to call them at their office number 28190800 but in vain as the number is out of service. Not a good sign for a builder like Mahindra

Attached is some snap of the same.

Luxury Villas


Premium Villas

Deluxe Villas

Twin Houses


Master Plan



  1. Arun

    Any idea abt the prices??

  2. Vijayakumar Natarajan

    Please send me the e brochure.


    I would like to know more details about the project and
    the price. I would also like to visit your site

  4. mohan

    I had booked in phase 2 apt @ 2950/sqft in july. Recently they officially launced and quoting 3000/sqft.


  5. Guddu

    Take a look at Sylvan County and you will see what kind of builder Mahindra Lifespaces is. Don’t rely on the name alone. The project was delayed by more than a year. What was promised is not what they delivered (in homes as well as common amenities). They have a guesthouse smack-dab where the playground should have been and you should see their idea of play equipment and security (barbed wire! No hi-tech here). There is not grocery provision and the food court is Pizza Hut and a Taj Wings. There are no options in the evenings or weekends. If buying for investment, prices are low for the sf,especially when you look at other gated communities. This was billed as a premium community, but is more suited as a budget community aimed at 20-somethings starting out at Infosys and families associated with Mahindra subsidiaries. With nearly 80 percent occupancy, the place still looks like it’s “under construction”. We will keep our money in the city.

  6. peter

    Hey Guddu gud of you to tell us about Mahindra. But they are better than most local builders like Hirco, Ramaniyam , etc who buy up slum property and build some rubbish buildings or not at start the project at all and dupe the public. More of such builders shud be exposed as many NRI’s seem to get trapped and unnecessary increase the demand and rates. These builders thrive on them so bring them to justice is important.more so opening the public’s eye ismore important

  7. Subhash K


    I recently came to know about aqualily..Wanted to know more about the possession date, pricing and overall review.
    Has anyboby booked twin house or delux villa here???
    Pls share any informaion you have that I can’t get from Mahindra directly.

    Subhash K

  8. kshav

    tell me prices of villas

  9. r.sundar

    kindly send me the details of price

  10. damo

    Hi – I booked a flat back in 2010 dec, but so far they have not even started construction. Does anyone know whats going on? Has anyone recently visited there?

  11. ram

    I am planning to book a villa in phase 3 but not completely sure. Their scale model with the lake right behind the club house is misleading. If you check on google earth thats not the case. hence not all villas will have a lake view as they would like us to believe. i am pinning my hopes on the MWC building malls, multiplexes, hospital etc. otherwise life will be lonely in MWC. The phase 1 and 2 villas on my recent visit were nearing completion. The apartments side has now got the foundation.

  12. hari

    How much rent can we expect from these villas?

  13. raman

    planing to book a villa.. WAT r d rates..could any 1 tel me. ??

  14. Ram

    I booked premier villa in dec 2011. The rate was 1200 psqf for land and 3150 psfq for building and 100 psfq PLC. Prices may have gone up now.

  15. Venki

    I have booked a house. The salesman committed delivery on March 2011. But the construction still going on. Now they say the agreement is for 30 months and we will finish it before 30 months. Totally disappointed.

  16. Venki

    I have booked this and i have received this email. Here is the copy……Dear Customer,

    Greetings from Mahindra Lifespaces!

    There have been some recent developments regarding the construction of Aqualily Phase 1B units and in keeping with the Mahindra Lifespaces philosophy of complete transparency, we would like to keep you updated on the same.

    The main contractor assigned to this project had not been fulfilling their contractual obligations and were lagging way behind in terms of their delivery timelines with no sight of recovery. As a consequence and in the interest of your unit and the entire project, we have decided to terminate their agreement and are in the final stages of appointing a new contractor.

    Please be assured that we will ensure that the appointment and take-over process happens as fast as possible and that there is a seamless transition of work at site. All of these will be done while maintaining the high standards of Mahindra Lifespaces quality.

    However, this development will impact the completion and handover of your unit at Aqualily Phase 1B whereby we expect the handover to now take place in August 2013. We will keep you posted of progress at the site through our regular updates.

    We look forward to your support and once again thank you for choosing Mahindra Lifespaces to build your home.


    Bina Karamjeet

    Senior Manager- CRM

  17. ram

    Unbelievable, there isn’t a hint of apology to the customer in that email. Typical Indian attitude where customer is taken for a ride by the builder. I have booked a villa in phase 1D and have been promised 2014 Mar delivery, the chances of this happening is very remote.

  18. Ramesh

    I have booked one of the apartment. I am yet to hear any positive/good feedback from anyone (Sylvan County, Iris Court) who has dealt with these people. There is terrible delay. They have utilised almost the handover time to get Approvals. And on top of that is the arrogant attitude (worst profesionals) of these Customer Support/After Sales Team. I am worried. I dont find any activity in the yahoo group. I am looking forward to contact more people who have invested.

  19. ram

    I have paid 2 installments of 10% each since Dec 2011. Its been nearly 8 months with no signs of request for the 3rd installment which means there is no construction going on for past few months at least. It would make sense for all those who had booked in Aqualily to form a group especially to voice our concerns in unison. 

  20. Venki

    They are marketing new new projects but not completing the old ones or building very slow. We should all start creating a user group and link the group in all the property review site. The only way we can give them pressure at this point.

  21. Mahesh

    Dear Venki,
    Have noted your concern,
    as mentioned by one of them the name alone canot decide, the Peoples at Mahedira dont knowm how to treat customer. they will treat like the slaves, do you all think that the maincontractor is terminated because of delay of his own .Not at all. Thes people floated tender cleverly with bulk quantity for all 151 villas and they have quated prices assuming the volume of the works, after obtaning the rates they have divided in to groups and negotiated the price to to the rock bottom (namly the cost consultants) .They have incurred huge loss first ,secondly these mahendira peoples not handled the project properly so it has got deleyed .You know how many peoples put thier efforts to brings this project , these peoples delsyed due to thier internal politics the amount sacrifie by the ground staff cannot be explained. if any used visit regularly just check progress from Jan 2010 to Dec 2010 -structure completed still they are doing finishing , and again you might have noticed building comimng up in apartment area between March 2012 to July 2012.Mahidira had not made proper payment to main contrctor. There was change in the top managment this new peoples trying to bring new contrctor.
    This will go for another 10 years with the curent team (Mahendira, QS and other team ) nobody has intention to completed everybody wanted to deley because all are outsourced

  22. Balshree

    I have recently booked a 3BHK. I visited in Dec 2012. Foundation and structure of apartment blocks A and B were going on. The mktg people told that these will be handed over in end 2014. My booking was for C block, C2 to be precise. They told me C2 will be over by June 2015. I hope they keep up with the timeline. Any way need to form a yahoo group or gmail group.

  23. prakash

    Deal all

    I understand that, iris court and aqualilly at mahendra is collecting service tax
    on the construction, as my understanding is that , SEZ don’t have Service tax on construction

    I do not know how the approval they got is the approval is on non processing area of SEZ and DTA then we may need to pay service tax, if not we may need not to pay service tax, as well they are collecting service tax on club-house fro the day one of booking as of now they have not started yet, if any one has more info share we may save close to 1.5lac

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