KK Price Before , KK Price Now. Is cash the king ?

One builder website which i visit often is www.GRNINDIA.COM. I like their construction and transparency.

So i was checking them on their recent projects in KK Nagar.

Going by the prices it is very clear there is no downturn in Chennai’s real estate.



Rate : Rs.6500/- per Sq.ft.(Price indicated is subject to change)

The current project in the same location is quoting Rs 8000 , SangeethaColony , FLAT COST

The price of a 3 BHK runs to 1.4 Crores

This is not one of cases Last week, i saw a project by Green Peace which was put sold out even before the demolition of the housing board flat. Same price is quoted by Green Peace, JD, KC and others in that area.

Is it because of Metro Rail in KK Nagar? Not sure but Anna Nagar too is witnessing constant price appreciation.

Take the case of OMR, Ceebros started off with Rs 4500 and now i hear they have around 6k.

I remember a regular reader Satheesh who always used to comment, CASH IS KING. Is it the case ? I see the investment made sometime back is only appreciating.

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