Just Heard: Ceebros new project in OMR – In Classic Sholinganallur

Just heard that Ceebros is a planning a new project in Classic property in Sholinganallur. I guess it is around Lancor’s Central West Park.

Starting Price is rumor’d around Rs 5000 per sq ft.

Just the right time to start chasing Ceebros folks given the success of Boulevard.

Heard a recent registration in Boulevard went upto Rs 1.3 C -touching Rs 6500 psf. A good hike in 24 months considering the initial price was Rs 4500 psf.


  1. aryaman shah

    hey all even i wish to know about it…is it really 5k/sq ft?

  2. RLN

    I don’t think it will go for 5000/sq ft…it is too costly..current market price in that area is around 3800-4100. May be Ceebros can have another 100 odd for its quality & brand name

  3. Rajan

    Have the builder started the soft launch?

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  5. uday

    July 1st as guess

  6. Raj

    Anyone know the exact location ? can you please mark on wikimapia and attach the link


  7. Mani


    Price would be Rs.5250 per sqft

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