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  1. An owner of Jain flat

    Well, I am not sure how jain housing launches new projects without even completing their existing projects which are delayed atleast 6 months. Most of the projects are delayed and the construction quality is so bad that people should think twice before booking Jain housing flats.

  2. XYZ

    I absolutely agree with the previous post about Jains construction quality.

    I have an apartment in MRC Nagar which is about 2 years old. The walls are cracking, the floors are leaking, seepages are common and there are even instances of pieces of the ceiling falling down!

    In addition to delayed completion and poor quality of materials, you’d have to put up with issues such as incomplete procedures (our electricity connections are in the name of a Jains employee and we still don’t have a water tax card) and bad design (the AC’s in our 14 storey building constantly drip water down on each other and create a huge noise since the AC fixture is not under a ledge).

    My advice – before you go for a Jains apartment, speak to an existing owner. You’d find that many owners may not agree with the ‘testimonials’ that appear in the Jains advertisements.

  3. shanker

    Jain housing is very poor in electrical spec. When i visted one of their flat in green acres the flat is having five aircondition point but there is no proper provision of breaker for the same in DB. And for the power points in the kitchen and other areas also the same situation. The buyer is paying for each AC point Rs5000 and the power point he is paying Rs2000 but what jain housing is doing is the incoming cable will be sufficient in size this much load . and more over the DB will not have the separate breaker and the wiring as they charge the customer. Just they give the points by looping /in serial connection . When a customer sees he will see the outlet only but there will not be any such kind of provision the way they charge the customer. Now a days all the builders are charging the customer for the first three years maintenance charge . Actually seeing the first three years there will not be any major maintenance due to the new building. And more over the deffect liability period comes free replacement for the first one year including all the fittingsa and equipements. The way they are charging for the virtified tiles is more than the cost of marbonit tiles which is 60 cm in size. In the tiling cost more dark shade will cost more. Their charge is in the dark shade but always laying is ivory colour which is very cheap even if they lay a real virtified tiles. Whenever you ask a extra electrical point they charge good amount but the provision in the DB is not as per the charging method. The extra item charge is more than 300%. In spite of all this payment a customer need to break his head for each and every thing. They never pay the delay rent cost to the customer bcos they put always a clause in the agreement if there is a dealy due to the govt body it is not their responsibility. But when u compare with the construction programme that will not refelect the dealy from the govt authorities. Such kind of things with all the reputed builders. No builder shows his copy of the agreement before giving 20 % of the payement the advance payement. Why? bcos the agreement will have the hidden clauses which u cannot come out after the intial payments.

  4. Cyrix


    What is DB???


  5. Cyrix,

    I think DB stands for distribution box

  6. Jain Owner

    Jains construction is the worst construction. Most of the guys who bought house is suffering, I am a owner from Jains Abhishek, The life is not complted…the roofs are leaking…smell is coming inside every toilet because of leaking. very very low quality material is used. One of the roofs of a car parking fell down. I am not sure till when the house will be in place. My advise is at any point of time if anyone is planning to buy a house from Jains, please dont buy they are low quality cheap cheaters

  7. Prospective Buyer

    From the comments about Jain’s other projects above, it is clear the quality of construction is an issue. Rates of around Rs.4200/- per sq. ft in Thoraipakkam area is a bit on the higher side. This area is falling under toll. Hence you may not have to pay the toll but for all the service providers, toll could be an overhead. The approach is not good at all. After recent spell the entire area looked like a lake.

  8. Sooraj

    Guys….pls do speak to owners of any old Jains projects before signing up for any new flat. I have a Jains flat in Virugambakkam (Jains Ashraya-III) right on Arcot Road. We have almost all the problems that you can think of even before completion of a year of occupation. Forget about minor leaks and wall cracks.

    Here is an example of the arrogant attitude of this builder —Our compound wall collapsed in Octiober (Much before the big rain in November!!). It is very clear that this was due to poor construction. Many of the residents had warned Jains even before the incident. Now guesswhat…The builder is asking our association to build this ourselves. They had the guts to suggest us to ask our neighbouring flat complex (thats another Jains flat—poorer cousins of ours) to share the cost in case it is too expensive for us. Some of us are planning to go legal. Trying hard to bring a unified voice…

    Can someone tell me …can we approach CMDA or corporation authorities for not approving their next project if they do not clear issues in current projects.

    One consolation (cruel isn’t it!!!!) is that our neighbouring flat (Jains Ashraya Kamlakannan Gerdens Project) is in deeper mess. Jains for some strange reason has constructed that flat 3.5 feet below road level (All neighbouring properties are at road level). During rains, all the water from neighbiouring properties will gush in (sideways and as spring from ground)to this compond. In the recent rains poor residents (of course they paid 15 lakhs 4 years ago!!!) there marooned in 4 feet water while it was completely dry in our flat and on the road. I am told that residents association spent more than a lakh to pump out water and it took 4 days. Jains has turned a deaf ear to the complaints of residents there and had audacity to tell them that their flat is out of warranty. SOme of the old residents there say that they faced the same problem in 2005 rains (flat was within warranty period) and then also the builder escaped by doing some replastering of compound wall instead of raising the height.
    People say Jains had dug up and removed soil from here to for filling up one of their marshy projects elsewhere.

    I really dont understand why those residents are not taking these builders to court.

  9. Praveen

    I am planning to buy in jains pebble brook . But after seeing your comment , I need to think twice on it. mail me at chaudharypraveen0602@gmail.com

  10. dee

    Hi all,

    Im planning to buy pebble brook at thuraipakkam.Please advice on this.


  11. nandhu

    Planning to buy in Jains pebble brook. many bad comments abt that. have any other nice project in Thoraipakkam? Pl suggest.

  12. Prakash

    They have good floor plan and amenities. Heard that MARG shopping mall is coming up in OMR, just opposite to our Jains Pebble Brook, near the lake. It has PVR as well. I guess, since a new team has taken over for the construction, we can expect a better quality.

  13. Siddhartha

    I already booked a flat in the Pebble Brook in Thoripakkam, the current status looks like to be finished by end of 2012. Blocks are construcked and the area looks quite spacious too. Any comments on the progress I may be missing……….. please post here……….

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  15. nandhu

    Hi to all.am new to this forum.
    I ve booked a flat in Jain Housing Pebble Brook, Thoraipakkam. I think this blog wud be much useful for people like me and others . I wud like to know anyone who have booked a flat in Pebble Brook.?

  16. Johnny

    Hi Nandhu, I am planning to buy a flat in OMR. I happened to visit the site personally and was satisfied with the constructional aspects. But after reading all the posts here..i am bit hesitant…I am also viewing the embassy residency near global hospitals, sholinganallur. Can some body throw some light on these two…Also in my list is the sabri, serenity near siruseri IT park…..

  17. CG

    booked Pebble brook in Jan 2011 and was promised a completion date of Jan 2013. till now even the plastering is not completed. They have already got 90% payment. After getting the payment they have delayed the construction and is enjoying the money while the buyers end up paying the EMI.

    Right now the Pebble brook project is delayed to Sep 2013 and I am 101% sure that they will not complete it anytime before Jan 2014. They are now more busy promoting Jains pebble brook Phase II. How can they start phase two even before completing phase 1 basic things?

  18. ciji

    I booked Pebble brook in Jan 2011 and was promised a completion date of Jan 2013. Till now they have not even completed the brick work. I am sure the project wont be ready before Jan 2014. Atleast one year delay. Same is the case with their othe rproject at Thalambur – Spring meadows. I visited that site also in person. Really concerned about this delay. They are not paying us delay charges also

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