Is this what we call greedy or optimistic or ????

I was just go thro magic bricks to know about the rental trends in OMR and around and found 2 interesting rental available advertisements. I just managed to get a snap shot of the same as GIF. Please click on the gif to see the full image. Both the rental advertisements are for apartments available in Serene Acres.

This apartment is right next to Chennai one SEZ and ofcourse right next to Garbage dump yard. Other than the scenic garbage, you also get free polluted air with dangerous toxic chemicals in it.



There is marked difference when people says power back up. Apartments like Serene Acres, TVH all are old builders failing to adopt modern trends in their construction. Serene acres has power back but only for common points like Lifts, common lights.

You should go for apartments which has atleast 500W or 1000W back up for each apartment. So when the power is off, still you would have atleast 2-3 lights and fans running.

This is very good during hot summer. I heard from DLF chennai head that they provide back up even for AC in master bedroom. Now a days i see a lot of builders offering 100% power backed up apartments. Atmosphere lifestyles homes is one of them.


  1. Ramesh

    This is greedy and this is what I am trying to convey . Magic bricks ads are either from builders and if its a plot or resale then they are totally from agents who bubble up the price to venus and similar to that is the ad posted for the velachery flat .

    Agents are screwing up the market and the real price is almost 20 to 30% less than the agent’s quote and most atrocious thing is that the agent says that they will provide post sales service .Thats the fun part after the deal has struck and the agent has confirmed his share and cheated the buyer what service could they offer when the agent does have zero knowledge about the process .

  2. Guess you are not really an ‘expert’ at reading rental ads- If you see the lower ad – it mentions – ‘furnished’, whereas the first ad does not mention this – so it is assumed it is unfurnished with basic woodwork/electrical fittings. The going rate for furnished apartments (taken by companies) as guest houses/ service apartments are in the range of 30-40 K Rs in South Chennai – so there is nothing remarkable about the ‘difference’ in rentals if that is what you are trying to highlight.

    As to the garbage part – do you know how the Velachary area (and the Velachary-Tambaram) road, looked like before? The whole area was a garbage dump. The Pallikaranai – Pallavaram road is going to be a major thorougfare connecting OMR to airport. I frequently travel thru this road, and tho it is for now unbearable in a short stretch, I can see that the dump is slowly being cleared up. Presitgious buildings like Chennai One IT SEZ (the only big IT SEZ currently in whole of Chennai), American International school (Perungudi side), CTS Headquarters – Pallikaranai side, are all located around the dump. I’m sure they have been wise to locate where they are! I would give this area 2 to 3 years to see it tranformed!

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