Is living around dump yard -Thoraipakkam safe?

Yesterday i was reading an article in Hindu regarding water problems at thoraipakkam and degrading quality of water around thoraipakkam , perungudi areas due to merciless sewage and garbage dumping. I used to pass via the pallavaram -thoraipakkam road for more than 2 years to go to my office in sholingnalur from velachery. I used to wonder what is going to happen to the marsh land and how bad its current state is.

My question to you is will you buy a property near the dump yard or near an area where the quality of air is worst and highly polluted with toxic chemicals. ?

I am amazed by the number of developers who are developing their land around the dump yard. TVH , ETL SEZ , Plaza Serene and Green acres and Harmony home etc etc. It is surprising to a see a huge stretch of Land just opposite the dump yard (opposite to ETL SEZ) is being bought by true value homes. Might be they bought the land for cheap price.


I cannot think about the risk involved in living there for long years. I got to know prolonged exposure to dangerous toxic air could lead to severe health hazards including CANCER, LUNG RELATED PROBLEMS. I would say it is safe to avoid this area and atleast 5 KM sorrounding that area.


Time magazine reports that Katrina could have being avoided if there were better measures taken by the govt to protect wet land around Louisiana. We need to take drastic steps to project our wetlands and marsh lands from garbage dumping, pollution etc. There is urgent need to protect our Water bodies and marsh lands else the generation to come would be only facing problems living here.


ETL SEZ -Housing Chennai One TCS, SIEMENS. Right opposite Dump yard –

Perungudi Dump yard –


Garbage right from Battery, Plastics, Paper, home waste, extra is burnt at Perungudi Dump yard


Photo courtesy -G V Balasubramanian

By all means avoid this area if possible. I would infact avoid this part of thoraipakkam, Pallikarnai and some parts of Perungudi.


  1. srikala

    hi all,
    i only request the government to take steps to remove this dumpyard and locate it away from the residential and commertial places.

  2. rennee

    Steps need to be taken  now or never, we cant just wait for the govt. to take care of these issues  .When i read through the wikipedia facts it was all amusing to me ! so many projects , policies and millions of funds, where have they all gone ? very few plans have been implemented  in the past years .I am a college student and right now i’m focusing on a  project , to create awareness about the importance of marshes in the city and water conservation and also the effects of living around the dump yards. How many are aware of all these ? might be a handful ! Can anybody guide me about who has to be approached for accurate details ? plz ! 

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